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Clickasnap Review: Online Photo Sharing Platform That Pays


Are you a freaking photo-enthusiast? Are you looking to showcase your collection of photos to worldwide audience? Clickasnap is a popular photo-sharing platform that gives you an opportunity to make money by sharing your wonderful photos. 

Yes, you heard it right. You get paid for your photos when someone views them or buy them at Clickasnap. Isn’t it interesting? 

So, if you have been seeking an opportunity to become popular through photography, Clickasnap is a platform made for you. Let’s explore this platform in details. 

What is Clickasnap?

Clickasnap is one of the immensely popular photo sharing platforms that has gain visibility is last few years. It boasts to be the only platform across the world that pays users for photo views. It has systems in place to sell your creative work as private art galleries, and downloads. Your photos stay protected with world’s best-in-class licensing system. Moreover, the platform is evolving constantly technologically to provide best-of-the-breed user experience to the visitors landing on its website.

Its mission is to become the largest still image repository which will help the novice photographers to learn from experts, educate others, and see their creative work being viewed with feedbacks. Upload your best collection, join interesting discussions, and earn money when your photos get viewed at Clickasnap.

If you compare this platform with other platforms of its kind, you will get to know why Clickasnap is hundred times better.

To get started with Clickasnap, all you have to do is register using your social accounts (Facebook, Google, Twitter) or any email id. Once you have registered, fill in your profile and get ready to share and earn using your creative photographs. 

How Clickasnap works?

Clickasnap is a massive repository of images that has more than a million users signed up and 2 million image views every day. When someone views your photos, you get 0.40¢ per photo view. Once the photo views have fetched you $15, you can withdraw it to your PayPal account. The money gets transferred within 24 hours.

How it is done?

  • Upload Photos: After a successful registration, you can start uploading the images and making money.
  • Users view photos: Your earning starts as soon as someone views your photos on Clickasnap.
  • Get Paid: Once the photo views have fetched you $15, you are eligible to withdraw the money to PayPal account.

Clickasnap photo-sharing platform offers tiered membership levels i.e., a free account, an ad-free account (£2 / month), a seller account (£4 / month), and a pro-seller account (£6 / month).

Why Clickasnap is a recommended photo sharing platform?

  • Millions of users rely on this platform for sharing and getting authentic stuff, making it the most trustworthy platform.
  • Both novice and expert photographers can get started with this platform.
  • New features and enhancements make Clickasnap more technically advance. 
  • Your photos are protected against theft with its top-tier protection.
  • The payouts are super-quick after you reach the threshold.

Automated Marketing System – Get Your Photos Marketed for a Week

Clickasnap account can also be integrated with your social channels and photos can be promoted to the right audience for about a week. It saves a lot of time and efforts that you put in to promote images to the masses.

What are the Benefits of Pro-Seller Account?

There are thousands of products that you can after becoming a seller at Clickasnap. If you opt for a pro-seller account, you get following benefits.

  • Low commission rates (4%) help you earn more.
  • You can display unlimited products in your shop.
  • It supports Pinterest integration so your images get uploaded automatically to the Pinterest board.
  • 100 free credits every month are available with pro-seller account to promote your photos/profile.
  • You get unlimited storage so that you never run out of space.

The Bottom Line

Clickasnap is an interesting platform for photographers who want to scale and reach new heights. It’s a whole community of enthusiastic photographers and people who love artists. It provides some of the really creative artwork to the visitors while providing an earning opportunity to the artists behind the art.