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CNN Fires Kathy Griffin from its New Year’s Eve Coverage

Just one day since comedienne Kathy Griffin posted a photo on social media of herself holding a bloody, decapitated head in the likeness of President Donald Trump, CNN has terminated their agreement with Griffin to appear on their annual New Year’s Eve coverage.

CNN’s decision came after the Trump family expressed outrage over Griffin’s photo. Griffin has since apologized for the picture:

Kathy Griffin had co-hosted CNN’s “New Year’s Eve Live” with Anderson Cooper since New Year’s Eve 2006.


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  1. I think what she did was wrong but come on CNN. Not like she is a pervert like the President…

  2. Not surprise that CNN fired Kathy that was distasteful what she did and I would say that if it was any president don’t do it.

    • Even though I can’t stand Trump, what Kathy did was out of bounds to say the least. She needs to be banned for life from ever appearing on TV or the Movies.