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College Football Season 2021: What to Know Before Tuning In

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The college football season 2021 s right around the corner! That means that right now is the perfect time to get familiar with the players and teams that are going to be making the most noise this year. 

Below we’ve broken down those names for you! So, be sure to keep on reading if you want to know what you can expect from college football in the year 2021. 

2021 Overall Preview

The 2020 College Football season was bitter-sweet. While fans were simply happy to have a season take place, it was without a doubt a season that was greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In 2021, fans are hoping to see a season that has little to no influence from COVID-19, an issue that the world is still very much dealing with. 

On the field, you saw teams lose hoards players at once for games due to COVID-related issues. In 2021, fans can expect to see less of those holds as many players will be vaccinated now and testing will be less strenuous. 

On top of that, defense, which took a huge shot last year due to lack of practice time, should also be greatly improved. With everyone getting a full spring practice and fall camp, as well as summer conditioning, defensive football should be back in 2021. 

2021 Teams to Look Out For

There are 130 FBS college football teams. As it has been for the past few years, only a handful of those teams have a legitimate shot of making the College Football Playoff. Below we’ve broken down some of those teams, as well as why we think they’ve got a shot at the Playoff in 2021. 

Alabama: The dynasty that is Alabama College Football is still very much alive and well. In fact, you can expect to see Alabama be the preseason number 1 team when the polls come out. 

With Nick Saban on the sideline again, they’ve got a shot to win every game they play in this season. And if they win the SEC, you can guarantee that they’ll be the one or two seed when the College Football Playoff begins. 

Clemson: While Clemson is an uber-talented team, it’s their easy road to the Playoff that helps them make this list. You can expect to see Clemson cruise through their schedule, as anyone they play besides Georgia beating them would be an upset. 

Georgia: Speaking of Georgia, don’t be surprised to see two SEC teams make the Playoff again this year, with Georgia joining Alabama in January. When it comes to overall talent, Georgia is without a doubt the best team in college football this season. 

They also play in the SEC East, which means they’ll have an easier road to Atlanta and the SEC Championship than Alabama will. And even if they lose to Clemson in the opener, they could win out and still be the number one seed at the end of the season. 

Ohio State: Ohio State, like Clemson, is the perfect mix of talent and schedule. They’ll be better than every team they play this year, which isn’t something you can say for too many teams that will play a college football game this season. 

2021 Players to Look Out For

Of course, it wouldn’t be college football without preseason Heisman talk. When it comes to the best players in college football for 2021, three names stand out above the rest. 

Spencer Rattler: While we didn’t mention Oklahoma as a Playoff favorite, they most certainly are. One of the biggest reasons why that is the case is the fact that they return the top favorite to win the Heisman in Spencer Rattler. 

Lincoln Riley already has a couple of Heisman Trophy winners under his belt already. Could Rattler be the third? Time will tell. 

JT Daniels: For years Georgia has been an exciting offense, and more specifically, a quarterback, away from being the best team in college football. In 2021, they have their man in JT Daniels. 

Daniels looked elite at the end of 2020. And with more weapons at his disposal than any other QB in college football, you can expect to see him put up some crazy numbers this coming season. 

Sam Howell: North Carolina quarterback Sam Howell has started every game he has played in. The Junior is looking towards being a top draft pick next year, but before then, he has to play one more season in the ACC. 

Howell did lose many of his favorite targets to the NFL last year. But North Carolina has recruited well, and his offensive system is QB-friendly, so he should still put up similar stats. 

Bold Predictions For the 2021 Season

When it comes to bold predictions for the 2021 football season, two things stick out to us the most. First, we expect to see a much cleaner, more competitive game this season with teams being able to prepare better for games. 

Second, we think one team is due to surprise some people this year, and that team is LSU. LSU is loaded with talent and nobody is really talking about them in August. 

That’s the perfect recipe for a big season for the Tigers, as they have enough talent to exceed their expected college football win totals

College Football Season 2021 Outlook 

The college football season 2021 should be one for the ages! Excitement is at an all-time high, as fans are ready to pack stadiums again. 

Be sure to check back with our blog often to read more about the upcoming season.