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Colombia to Reopen for All Tourists Without Testing or Quarantine

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The world has suffered a lot for two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many travelers had to halt their plans, and they were forced to sit into their homes due to restrictions imposed by their government. A few countries remained open but on certain conditions, such as PCR testing 72 hours before boarding or quarantine for 14 days on arrival. 

Now, as the world is slowly coming back to normal, all thanks to the vaccination drive, many countries have opened their borders to tourists without any requirement of testing or quarantine. One such country is Colombia that has finally fully reopened to tourists from all across the world. Now visitors who are traveling to Colombia don’t have to do any tests or quarantine. This applies to both vaccinated and non-vaccinated travelers. On Thursday, 18th of November, the Minister of Health of Colombia, Fernando Ruiz, announced PCR testing requirements would be waved off effective immediately. 

Colombia was once unknown to tourism, but during the past five years, the country has witnessed a huge tourism boost and recorded over 4.5 million visitors in 2019 alone. Once, Colombia was known for its crimes and drug trading, but today, the country is famous among tourists for its beautiful beaches, tropical Amazonian Jungles, two deserts, historical landmarks, national parks, and plenty of wildlife. 

Unfortunately, Colombia’s tourism was badly affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic. But it has now reopened and is accepting visitors once again. 

Who is Permitted to Visit Colombia?

Now, travelers from all over the world are permitted to enter Colombia. However, they have to meet the visa requirement that Colombia has in place for each country. Residents of the USA, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and all of Europe can enter Colombia without a visa. But other residents have to fulfill their respective visa requirements. 

Online Form To Visit Colombia

All travelers still have to complete a form called Check-Mig during the 24 hours before they fly to Colombia. The form includes details of your traveling to and from Colombia. The form is also a health declaration stating that passengers are free from Covid-19 symptoms and have not come into contact with anyone who is virus positive in the last 14 days. It will also help speed up the process at custom duty at the airport. 

Health Requirements to Visit Colombia

  1. You are no longer required to present a proof of negative PCR test at the Colombian airport.
  2. There is no mandatory quarantine on arrival for travelers. 
  3. All the visitors have to go health screening at the airport on arrival at Colombia and/or their hotels which include temperature scans. 
  4. All the incoming visitors should have travel insurance that must cover Covid-19 for the duration of their trip to Colombia. 
  5. Wearing a mask is mandatory in all public places in Colombia. 
  6. Vaccinated or not, you must follow social distancing instructions in Colombia.
  7. Passengers need to wear a mask during flight and at the airport and transportation as well. 

Do I Need a Visa to Enter Colombia?

U.S. citizens do not need a visa to travel to Colombia. People with U.S. passports can stay for 90 days in Colombia for tourism o for business. You can even ask for an extension of up to additional 90 days before your current stay expires. If you stay in Colombia longer than your allowed period of stay, you may face a fine, and you cannot leave the country until the fine is paid. If you are not a citizen of the United States, you must check the visa requirements depending on your nationality. 

Is It a Good Time to Visit Colombia?

Yes, it’s completely safe to visit Colombia right now. However, you still have to adopt some safety measures. Such as, get vaccinated even though it is not mandatory. Also, keep masks with you for crowded places. Wash your hands whenever you can, or sanitize them if you cannot wash them, especially when you touch any surface in public spaces. 

The best time to visit Colombia is during the summer months – July and August. Although, it can be visited all year round as there is no extreme weather in Colombia no matter when you visit. 

What Can You See in Colombia?

Colombia has so many places to see that you’d find it difficult to choose. But that’s play since you’re looking at the best guide there is! If you want your Colombian trip to be creative, cultured, and heavily entertaining, then here are the five places you should go:


Cartagena is an old port city on the Colombian Caribbean Coast and is the perfect place for history and literature buffs. While the city itself is a gorgeous place with beautiful culture and traditions, what catches the attraction of tourists is its colonial Walled Old Town, founded in the 16th century; it is still among the best-preserved towns in the world and gives you a glimpse into the history of Colombia. The Old Town is decorated with colorful buildings reminiscent of colonial architecture and cobblestone streets which give it a fairy-tale look. If you’re a sucker for fishing and beaches, then you’ll love Cartagena, a place where divine beaches and fishing ports combine to create your perfect place.


A beautiful city where you’ll find rustic memories of the old colonial charm and urban elegance, Bogota is one of the most popular places to visit in Colombia. Narrow streets lined with distinctly colorful buildings, the bright Bogota is a thrilling place for anyone who’s into architecture, art, and vibrance. Take a stroll along the spirited streets of Bogota and bite of ajiacos and tamales while you take in the beautiful charm of the city. At Bogota, famous tourist attractions include the Museum of Gold, where the heaps of literal gold will steal your attention, and for when you’re feeling a little outdoorsy, head to the North Bogota, where vintage stores and boutique shops await your arrival.


Quaint, dreamy, and straight-up breathtaking, the attractive Medellin is a small city that pulls you toward it. Popular for its innovative glamour, intricate architecture, and magnificent urban culture, Medellin will convince you that magic is real. The city itself has a rich history which you can trace through a visit to the Museum of Antioquia, and if you’re looking for a classic trip down the true heart of Colombia, take the Medellin Metrocable. A few other popular tourist attractions are Comuna 13, Guatape Reservoir, Museum House of Memory (Museo Casa de la Memoria), Barrio Manila, and the Botanic Gardens of Medellin.


The city of Popayan in Colombia strikes a difference from the colorful streets of Cartagena and Bogota; known for its completely whitewashed buildings, the city is a standing witness of colonialism and offers you a path down history. The city is also quite popular for religious circles since it is home to beautiful churches and hosts numerous holy processions. If you’ve always been fascinated with churches, medieval architecture, and parks, then head over to Popayan, where the tourist in you will be satisfied at every step. The Parque Caldas, Museo Arquidiocesano de Arte Religioso, Museo de Historia Natural, Pueblito Patojo and Puente Del Humilladero, are some popular destinations.


Do not underestimate the simple municipality of Raquiro; the town is home to one of the most beautiful destinations in Colombia and is a place where cultured travelers thrive. Known as the Capital of Pottery, Raquira offers a rich and vibrant culture and takes pride in its tradition of pottery-making, an experience that even you can take part in once you’re there. Lined with mystical buildings dabbled with bright colors, Raquira offers a beautiful chance to explore handicrafts and appreciate art. Some of the destinations you can go to include Plaza de Ráquira, Monasterio de la Candelaria, Iglesia De Ráquira and Puento de las Animas.

Getting Around Colombia

The best way to get around Colombia is via its public transport, including buses, minibuses, or even taxis. The buses in the country are air-conditioned and comfortable that pretty much connects almost every town.