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Colors of Social Media Food Trends

It feels like only yesterday when social media was fairly young. Now, it has grown massively over the years and various trends have erupted from it. Trends come and go yet some are reoccurring. From these trends, many things have also been born like flavors, small businesses, and so on.

But the recipe to trend or make something go viral isn’t quite simple. Some have tried so hard while some just didn’t quite think about it yet they went viral overnight. Still, it’s quite an enjoyable content to consume as it can either persuade you to like it or poke fun at the foolishness of it.

Here are some of those food trends that have appealed to both eyes and mouth on social media. You’d also might want to get comfy with simple casual outfits when you try to consume these social media content.

Everything Rainbow
From cakes to grilled cheese, this trend has taken social media quite a colorful storm, so much so that some businesses have even offered food items in such fashion. The appealing aesthetics make it very fit for the gram so it’s no wonder that it trended for quite a long time. It is said that “eating the rainbow” is a healthy diet but artificial colors shouldn’t count.

Charcoal Black
From a very colorful trend, we then saw the appearance, or disappearance, rather, of color. Black food trended eventually thanks to charcoal powder. It is said to have its health benefits aside from being aesthetically pleasing to those who despise color. But it lost its appeal soon enough and was even banned in New York.

Matcha Green Tea
Green is a color usually associated with health like vegetables and fruits. But thanks to Japan’s popular green tea, it has made quite an impression visually as well on various sweets and snacks. Unlike charcoal powder, matcha powder has a bitter taste since it is tea after all. Yet it is appealing to tastebuds who like the balance it brings against the sweetness of the snacks or desserts it is added to.

Since the most uncommon color among food seems to catch the attention of online users, purple food has also made its appearance on social media. The purple yam is also added to desserts or snacks and the color is what attracts people first, with taste second. Ube doesn’t have an overwhelming taste so it’s also easily added to various snacks or desserts.

Clear Food
Another absence of color but more on the lighter spectrum are clear food. It didn’t make the same big impact as rainbow-colored food or matcha but it still made its way to some social media content. It’s not as popular maybe because there’s a small array of food that can be clear and it can be very tedious to cook / make compared to the other food trends. Try checking out the clear potato chip.

These food trends have brought forth a series of emotions and tastes to us whether we like it or not. And from these creative explorations, we get to discover various cooking methods that can actually enable us to incorporate in next potential food creations. It is no wonder that social media food trends continue to thrive and pique curiosity from audiences worldwide.