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Commercial Brilliance: Harnessing Solar Generator for Event Power 

A reliable power supply is crucial for the success of commercial events, ensuring seamless operations for lighting and audio-visual equipment. The US event market is expected to grow by $538.6 billion[1] by 2030, which means increased energy usage. In this regard, portable solar generators provide a dependable backup, preventing disruptions caused by unexpected power outages. The growing reliance on technology in such events makes a portable solar power generator indispensable for maintaining a professional atmosphere.

This write-up will delve deeply into the dynamics of using portable power stations for commercial events and suggest the best options for businesses. 

Demand for Power at Commercial Events and Exhibitions 

1. The Impact of Power Outages on Commercial Operations 

Power outages are never pleasant, especially for commercial entities, where they can result in massive losses. It is estimated that they cost the US economy $18-33 billion[2] each year, a gigantic toll that can be prevented by using renewable energy sources.

Businesses showcase their products and achievements during commercial events. Power outages during these events can be embarrassing and dent customer confidence. Enterprises require an uninterrupted energy supply during these gatherings to ensure everything goes smoothly.

For instance, a technology company cannot display its products without a continuous power supply. Similarly, all types of presentations use large screens that cannot operate without power. Hence, companies need a reliable solution like solar generators to pull off their events successfully. Similarly, a power outage during a commercial concert can be a massive embarrassment for the company organizing the event. 

2. Reliance on Portable Generators 

Since traditional energy supplies cannot be relied upon for commercial events due to issues such as power outages or venues, portable generators can be an excellent alternative. Here are some reasons that make them a suitable choice:

  • No Outlets Required 

The reliance on portable generators for events and exhibitions is driven by the need to eliminate fixed outlets, offering a versatile and efficient option. By doing away with the constraints of traditional power sources, these generators provide a dynamic solution for diverse event locations.

  • Easy Setup 

The removable nature of portable generators aligns perfectly with the transient nature of commercial events and exhibitions. Exhibitors and organizers benefit from the ability to set up and dismantle events swiftly, responding to changing requirements without being hindered by permanent installations. It enhances the overall efficiency of event logistics.

Application of Solar Generators in Commercial Activities 

1. Trade Shows and Exhibitions 

According to an estimate, more than 13,000 trade shows occur in the US each year[3]. Hence, there is a need for reliable power supplies during these events, which solar battery generators can fulfill. 

  • Powering Booths, Displays, Lighting, and Sound Equipment 

Trade shows and exhibitions combine several elements to provide a holistic environment. Companies set up booths to showcase their products and merchandise, where impeccable lighting is required. Otherwise, bad lighting can drive potential customers away.

Similarly, large displays are used during presentations and playing company promises, which also require a regular power supply. Pictures without sound are nothing, so there’s also a need for high-quality sound systems. All this equipment can only work if solar generators guarantee an uninterrupted power supply. 

  • Facilitate Product Demonstrations and Presentations 

A company that wants to sell its products must demonstrate their utility through event demonstrations and presentations. The best way to do it is to showcase their specifications and characteristics on large screens. However, that requires continuous electric power, which cannot be guaranteed by traditional power sources that can fail you at times. 

Imagine watching the demonstration of a new robot that stops in the middle just because the power supply was interrupted. Solar battery generators become crucial to avoid such scenarios, keeping systems running in all kinds of situations. 

2. Outdoor Activities

  • Festival Promotions, Concerts, and Sporting Events 

In an effort to enhance product promotion, boost brand visibility, and provide employees with a well-deserved respite, companies strategically orchestrate promotions, commercial concerts, or sporting events that align with festivals or popular occasions.

These events, often held in open spaces, can benefit significantly from harnessing solar energy. The portable nature of solar generators allows organizers to set up temporary power sources without relying on traditional fuel generators, reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact.

One key advantage is their silent operation, creating a quieter and more enjoyable atmosphere for attendees. It contrasts with the noise generated by traditional generators, enhancing the overall experience. Solar battery generators also contribute to cleaner air quality, which is crucial for events where large crowds gather. Their low maintenance requirements further simplify logistics for event organizers.

Additionally, solar generators provide a reliable power source during outdoor events, ensuring uninterrupted performances and activities. The scalability of solar setups allows organizers to customize power solutions based on the event’s energy needs. Battery storage capabilities enable continuous power supply, even during nighttime performances or cloudy weather. 

  • Powering Food and Beverage Supplies 

During extended stints at business exhibitions, exhibitors’ employees often grapple with exhaustion due to prolonged booth hours and constant engagement in selling activities. The demand for sustenance becomes paramount, making fresh food and insulated drinks invaluable. In outdoor settings where traditional power sources are scarce, the necessity for a portable power supply becomes even more critical to fuel various activities.

Small appliances like refrigerators, toaster ovens, and ice machines lying dormant in company pantries can be repurposed effectively at business events. The key lies in a portable power solution capable of delivering stable energy, with solar generators emerging as a reliable and eco-friendly choice. This innovative approach not only alleviates the challenges of sustaining activities in demanding environments but also maximizes the utility of existing resources.

Main Features of High-quality Solar Generators 

So, what features should a quality solar generator have? Here are some key factors that we should consider when picking a generator:

1. Power Capacity and Output 

Perhaps the most important factor when buying a power station generator is its battery and output capacity, measured in watt-hours. It indicates the time the generator can power the devices connected to it. Moreover, it tells you how many times you can charge a specific device using the generator. Battery capacity also tells you the time needed to charge the generator fully. 

For instance, a 600Wh can light up a 100W bulb for 6 hours before the battery ends. Similarly, it can power a 50W device for 12 hours before it needs another charge. Several factors can affect the battery and output capacity, such as temperature, cable quality, etc. 

2. Fuel Efficiency and Environmental Considerations 

Efficiency is often measured by the percentage of sunlight converted into electricity, and top-tier solar generators achieve impressive rates. These systems boast advanced photovoltaic cells and efficient charge controllers, maximizing the capture and utilization of solar energy. 

Additionally, high-quality generators incorporate advanced battery technologies, such as lithium-ion, to store and discharge energy efficiently. It ensures a reliable power supply even during periods of low sunlight. Robust inverters enhance efficiency by converting DC solar power into AC electricity with minimal energy loss.

3. Noise Reduction Technology 

The noise from generators can be a nuisance to the surrounding environment, especially in densely populated areas. Noise reduction technologies help minimize the noise generated by solar generators, making them more environmentally friendly and socially acceptable. They often involve optimizing the cooling system of solar panels, leading to enhanced energy efficiency. Quieter solar panels enhance comfort, improve aesthetic appeal, increase efficiency, and positively impact the environment. 

4. Durability and Longevity 

Solar generators used in commercial events have to go through a lot of wear and tear, making durability a crucial factor. These days, portable battery generators last up to 20 years if maintained properly, making them a suitable investment for businesses. A major reason behind it is lithium-ion batteries, which last up to 10 years.

The quality of solar panels is also crucial, as they form the backbone of the generators and convert sunlight into electrical power. Build quality is also critical, enabling the generator to withstand transportation and weather conditions. 

Jackery – The Best Choice for Powering Commercial Events 

Jackery began its journey in the energy sector in 2012 and has gained a solid reputation since then. It was the first brand to launch an outdoor portable power station in 2016, winning the German Red Dot Design Award the same year. Similarly, it launched the first-ever portable solar panel in 2018. Jackery has 295 international patents and continues to innovate in the energy sector. 

Jackery’s products include solar generators and portable power stations. These generators combine solar panels and portable stations that convert solar energy into electricity. Let’s discuss two generators from Jackery that are perfect for commercial events. 

  • Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro

Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro is the perfect companion for commercial events, as it comes with a gigantic capacity of 3024Wh. It supports 99% of appliances, so you can connect anything from a screen to a speaker without problems. Moreover, its functions can be controlled by an app, making it ideal for trade shows and exhibitions.

MPPT technology makes it 99% efficient, and it takes just 2.4 hours to charge with the wall charger. Similarly, the Battery Management System (BMS) technology prevents overheating, short circuits, and many other issues. Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro also has LEDs with adjustable brightness levels that can be useful at commercial events.

Let’s dive into some important tech specs and Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro features.

Tech Specs 

  • Capacity: 3024Wh and 2000 cycles to 70%+ capacity.
  • 4 AC, 2 USB-C, and 1 car output. 
  • Length: 18.6in(47.3cm)
  • Width: 14.1in(35.94cm)
  • Height: 14.7in(37.36cm)
  • Weight: 63.93lbs(29kg)


  • Supports up to 99% of devices and powers them with a hefty 3024Wh capacity. 
  • Its portable design makes it the perfect choice for commercial events. 
  • 30dB noise level ensures a quiet charging experience. 
  • The smart app lets owners control its functions from their smartphone, making it an ideal choice for trade shows & exhibitions. 
  • Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus 

Another excellent choice for commercial events like music festivals and trade exhibitions is the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus, which has four different solar plate options. As a result, you can expand its capacity from 2 to 24 kWh for extended electric support. Moreover, it can be fully charged with solar energy within 2 hours, which is pretty impressive for its capacity. 

The Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus can simultaneously support different devices, making it a perfect companion for trade shows. Businesses can use it to power everything from screens to speakers, creating the ideal environment for product demonstrations. Those brands who want to get away from traditional power sources during their events can rely on Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus, as its LiFePO4 battery lasts up to 10 years. 

It offers a 50% increase in battery life thanks to Jackery’s Charge Shield Technology, which has 62 protective mechanisms, 4 different kinds of physical protection, and 12 algorithms. Moreover, Jackery also has the first TÜV carbon neutral certification, making it an excellent choice for environmentally conscious businesses. 

Let’s dive into some important tech specs and Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus features.

Tech Specs 

  • Capacity: 2042.8Wh and 4000 cycles to 70%+ capacity.
  • 5 AC, 2 USB-A, 2 USB-C, and 1 car output. 
  • Length: 14.7in(37.36cm)
  • Width: 18.6in(47.3cm)
  • Height: 14.1in(35.94cm)
  • Weight: 61.5 lbs/ 27.9 kg


  • Expandable power up to 24 kWh provides businesses with the space to power more devices. 
  • Fast solar charging in just 2 hours brings maximum flexibility to the owners. 
  • Noise reduction and fire resistance make it the best choice for all commercial events. 
  • The smart app lets the owner control real-time operations, change settings, and more.

As we have seen, portable solar power generators can be game changers for commercial events and exhibitions. From a business demonstrating a product to employees enjoying drinks and food, these generators can improve these events. Since they use solar power, they protect the environment and reduce the reliance on traditional power sources.

Jackery has the best product range, such as the Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro, Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus, and many more. They come with all the bells and whistles that businesses demand, making them ideal for outdoor and indoor commercial events. 


Jackery has developed its reputation by innovating continuously, leading them to introduce many products in the industry. Their 295 international patents and products speak to the quality of their efforts. Moreover, customers have shown immense satisfaction with their portable power stations and other accessories.

The company has all the certifications and fulfills all the vital industry criteria for product development. On top of that, they offer regular discounts and a 30-day money-back guarantee, putting their customers first. Any business looking to switch to quality renewable power sources for their events must try Jackery.


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