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Companies That Buy Houses for Cash (2022)

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If you want to swiftly sell your house and don’t want to use a traditional realtor to list it on the open market, companies that buy houses for cash may sound appealing. Homeowners should be aware of companies that buy property for cash.

Role of Home Buying Companies

The majority of home-buying businesses have an easy business plan. They buy houses to either flip, resell, or invest in real estate. Since they are cash home buyers who can act quickly, sometimes even placing quick offers, they seek to offer less money than would typically be accepted on market value.

Although the majority of homeowners prefer a traditional sale, there are some situations where selling to a cash-for-houses company makes sense, especially if you made a fair offer.

Process of House Buying Companies for Cash

You should follow these steps when selling your home to a home buying company.

  • Get in touch with companies.

Select the company you feel will best suit your needs.

  • Complete the information about your home.

Most businesses phone you or have you fill out an online form to get basic information about your house. You must provide basic property details like the number of rooms, square footage, level of finishing, and pictures of the residences. Following that, you will receive a quote.

  • Performing the inspection

A corporate representative and a third-party inspector will conduct an on-site examination. The company will evaluate the value of your home following repairs after evaluating the value of your property and the cost of necessary repairs (also known as ARV).

  • Take the final offer.

If the client receives the terms of the offer, they electronically sign the necessary documentation to complete the transaction and give it legal force.

  • Pay attention to your timetable.

Companies may move quickly and provide more schedule flexibility than individual consumers. You can close in a week rather than wait for a bank to underwrite a mortgage.

Benefits of Real Estate Investment Companies

Less trouble

Most home-buying businesses either acquire houses as-is or do their repairs. You don’t need to be concerned about home maintenance or haggling repairs with prospective buyers.


Cash home buying companies close in 7 to 14 days instead of 97 days for a typical transaction.


Individual buyers frequently ask for conditions or experience financial challenges. When you sell to a firm, the likelihood of your sale falling through is reduced.

Who can use companies that buy houses for cash?

  • Foreclosure or inheriting a foreclosed or distressed property are examples of unstable situations when “Buy Houses for Cash” companies can be a desirable option for sellers.
  • If getting a quick sale rather than getting the greatest money from the sale is your priority, you should consider companies purchasing properties for cash. An iBuyer might be a better option for you, depending on where you reside and the condition of your home.
  • The sellers who seek a simple, quick sale for a good-sized house can use iBuyers. They offer a superior alternative to We Buy Houses firms because they pay significantly more for houses. 


For sellers looking for low-cost full-service companies to expose them to the greatest number of cash purchasers with the least amount of interaction with real estate agents, Houzeo is the most well-known and competitive platform. 

Houzeo is a wonderful choice if you’re seeking a platform with fully automated fees and no additional expenses. It is perfect for homeowners who want to sell their houses as soon as possible for the maximum price feasible with no extra fees and speedy customer service from Houzeo Concierge.

Pros of Houzeo

  • Houzeo includes simple modifications, online showings, detailed listings, and offers.
  • Listings that have been syndicated to Trulia,, Zillow, and Redfin.
  • If you want to sell your home on Houzeo for cash, you will receive a fair cash offer.
  • After completing the MLS listing, you can receive offers from iBuyers like Opendoor and Offerpad.
  • Throughout the nation, Houzeo is well-known. You can track your property using their mobile app on your smartphone.
  • Once you list with Houzeo, you can expect your listing to be accessible on all major real estate websites. Your visibility will grow due to this listing, improving your chances of finding the best deal more quickly.
  • They offer a straightforward dashboard that is easy to use for managing your property.

You can check out Houzeo reviews to know more about them.


An iBuyer called Offerpad makes cash offers on houses. When you employ their services, you have two options. They will present you with a cash offer within 24 hours. If you decide not to use the property, you can list it on their website. They conduct business throughout 16 states and 22 markets. It works well for house sellers with desirable properties who need to close swiftly.

Pros of Offerpad

  • OfferPad is the way to go if you’re seeking a quick cash offer with a quick transaction close.
  • Offerpad Reviews indicate that the sellers’ ability to complete the sale in 10 days is a key advantage.
  • You are not required to perform housekeeping or maintenance tasks. Offerpad will purchase your goods “as is.”

Cons of Offerpad 

  • A 1% cancellation fee will be applied if you decide to scrap the transaction after it has been approved.
  • The closing costs and service fees are frequently greater than 10% of the purchase price, resulting in a lesser cash offer than anticipated.


It would be wise to collaborate with Opendoor, the largest iBuyer company. Opendoor is a wonderful choice if you need cash for your house immediately. Opendoor’s coverage is perfect for home sellers with desirable properties as it doesn’t need major repairs.

Pros of Opendoor

  • Closing typically takes 14 days.
  • As per Opendoor Reviews, it’s an incredible platform for experienced real estate sellers, but it might not be suitable for novice sellers.
  • Opendoor operates in 45 different regions to ensure the nation’s bulk coverage.
  • When you give them details about your property, they will make you a cash offer. It would help if you got an offer in the next 24 hours.

Cons of Opendoor

  • Not for sellers selling houses using for sale by owner websites or first-time purchasers.
  • The sales procedure could seem hurried.
  • Service charges are very high.
  • The deal does not contain a breakdown of repair expenses.


If you want to sell your house to a company that buys houses for cash, you can choose between traditional cash buyers and next-generation iBuyers. Selling using a real estate agent or a low-commission broker might bring in more money if you don’t have a strict deadline.