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Comparison of Boosting and Traditional Leveling in Online Games, What is the Fundamental Difference and Tasks

The leveling system is the foundation on which any MMO RPG project rests, as it is the only way for game developers to create an interesting challenge for gamers and a dividing factor that determines and rewards all characters for their efforts, bringing them closer to the most interesting content.


This is a way to gain levels and develop characters by hunting monsters and completing tasks and errands.


These are tasks and assignments that are formed and are closely related to the game story and are needed to provide players with a full understanding of the game history and the fate of the entire continent on which the main events take place.

The second and more main task of quests, according to the developers, is the planned training of the player in all the main mechanics of the project in a game form with the help of easy assignments and instructions, which gradually become more difficult until gamers approach the middle and final part of their gameplay.

The third task of the quests is to balance on equal terms the possibility of all supports that are in the game. If attacking classes can take out hundreds of monsters in an hour and go the route of grinding, that is, stable clearing locations, then supports with weak attack that cannot or do not want to look for a group to level could not be far behind in the potential for leveling up.

You simply complete all the tasks, destroy the number of monsters you need to complete and turn in the quest, in return you will be given a fixed experience, gold and possibly an additional reward – this is not counting the bonuses that you farmed yourself while completing the tasks.


This is an alternative leveling method that is perfect for two types of players:

  1. Classes with strong AoE potential – mages, archers, warriors.
  2. Classes with fast single-target damage – daggers, monks, warlocks.

For all characters that fall into these categories, grinding will help boost their level gains a lot, especially if you skillfully combine them with quests to squeeze out the maximum amount of experience.

Supports and classes with slow attack and killing monsters in an hour time frame should not spend time on grinding, or not make a main bet on it – it can be left as a source of resources for crafting and other needs, but not a source of experience.


Boosting is a way to quickly reach a certain level with the help of a professional player who will take control of the account and complete the order, or invite you to the battle group, but then you will have to personally monitor the character and follow all the commands for a quality service.

Booster Options

You can interact with simple players and professional boosters.

Ordinary players can be found in the game chat, and in order to find boosting service, you need to go to a special site.

Ordinary players

Ordinary players are simple gamers who, as they mastered the project and accumulated valuable equipment and weapons, realized that they could well help beginners and earn additional game gold from their services.

Of the pluses, it can be noted that you do not need to pay for your order with real money.

Of the minuses, one can note the complete absence of guarantees and obligations to the client – you can be deceived and not provided with a service and not incur any punishment.

You will not be able to complain to the game administration, since you voluntarily transferred your gold to an unfamiliar player, acting at your own peril and risk, and a collective complaint in the general chat will at most lead to the fact that the player will simply change the main character and start all over again, especially without losing anything.

The second important disadvantage is that you cannot check the qualifications and skills of your booster in any way, since it represents itself in the provision of a service.

This means that you may be caught as an experienced player who will honestly and efficiently fulfill his obligations, or you may be caught as an amateur who will simply waste your time and fail to cope with his tasks due to ignorance of locations and the ability to correctly collect and kill monsters, or it is trite lack of good equipment.

Professional Services

On the Findcarry website, you can find and compare several professional services that provide pumping services, choose a booster based on the criteria:

  • Price
  • Order Fulfillment Speed
  • Feedback and guarantees

The service always stands out from the background of ordinary players providing pumping services due to stability, guarantees, speed and autonomy.

You do not need to be online and directly monitor your character and control his actions during the leveling process, because the booster will do it all on its own.

The security of your character and account as a whole is guaranteed by a service that values its name and reputation, which has been built up for more than one year and assumes obligations for the safety of all entrusted property and provides assistance in case of disputes on the part of the game administration.

You do not need to be online during the execution of the order – you can easily go about your business and wait until you receive a notification that the service is completed and you can log into your account and check the accuracy and quality of the services performed.

Often, all mined gold and random items remain with the client as a nice bonus.

Not all clients like the concept of account transfer, but this is the easiest and most correct way to avoid the factor of player interference in the transaction process.

When the service takes an order to work, it gives guarantees for the speed and timeliness of order fulfillment, which are steadily shifting if the booster does not have independent access to the game account, but must give orders.

This should be treated with understanding, especially since such a technique reduces the service execution time by several times, and all property is insured by the service that fulfills the order.

Some services also offer the ability to level up by joining a group and following the leader, but this is a very annoying format, since you need to constantly be online and follow the commands of the game booster, and the time period for leveling up can take more than one hour – few players are ready to be online such an amount of time and, in addition, to pay money for it, so this format is practically not used.

Be prepared that the final leveling time can last several days, especially if the task is to level up to difficult level milestones.