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Comparison Of Managed & Unmanaged Hosting UK

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Managed VPS hosting UK is one of the best choices you can make as a web admin. Usually, we start with low-budget shared hosting when we launch the website. After some time, a stage comes when shared hosting can no longer fulfill your traffic needs. However, at the same time, you are also not established enough to bear the expenses of a dedicated server. 

Fully managed VPS hosting UK is known for being the best solution in such scenarios. The topic of this article is many other pros and cons of managed VPS hosting. We will also see the pros and cons of unmanaged VPS hosting. However, we will cover the basics first. 

Types of Web Hosting

The server provides the space to store all files of a website. It is also a computer, but much more powerful than any regular computer. Hence, it lets many people access your website at the same time and access the same files at the same time. 

The company that provides you access to the server and stores your website files there is called a web hosting company. They do offer not only hardware but also provide server management facilities. You get backups, malware scanning, and website building services. 

Here are a few most common web hosting types. 

Shared Hosting: It is an entry-level hosting. Several websites share the same server. That is why prices are low, but performance is also not reliable. Websites compete for resources. Also, an attack on one website can compromise others as well. 

Dedicated Hosting: You have a complete server only for you. Your website utilizes all resources. That leads to high prices, but security and reliability are also the highest.

VPS Hosting: VPS stands for a virtual private server. It provides you with dedicated resources in a single server. Other websites also share the same server but use their dedicated resources. Hence, you get better security and reliability without increasing your budget. 

Cloud Hosting: This modern hosting form has gained immense popularity in the recent past. It spreads your resources across an array of servers and utilizes them as per needs. 

The other three types are beyond the scope of this article. Therefore, we will only discuss VPS hosting in the UK. After discussing the basic VPS and its advantages, we will discuss the two basic types and their unique perks. Managed VPS and unmanaged VPS. 

VPS Hosting & Its Benefits

You get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Prices are affordable, like shared hosting. The power and control match the levels of the dedicated server. Here are some brief benefits:

  1. Costs are lesser than dedicated servers.
  2. You get more performance guarantee. 
  3. Utilize dedicated RAM at any time. 
  4. Nobody will ever utilize your RAM, CPU, and disk space. 
  5. VPS server grants the best control. 
  6. Users can upgrade, downgrade, or update the software easily. 
  7. You can restart it anytime.
  8. It stores data in a centralized location, and the server partition is isolated. 
  9. Any time of customization is possible. 

What is the Difference Between Managed & Unmanaged Hosting?

These two basic types differ in terms of support and management. If you are using unmanaged VPS, you are responsible for the necessary configuration and server administration. You have to manage your VPS server. 

So you must have enough technical experience. It would be best if you had Linux experience. Also, you are entirely responsible for the security of your managed server. 

Managed VPS server makes your life much easier by managing your server. It includes everything from administration to configuration and security. You can sit and relax in case of technical issues, as they are responsible for managing them. When you do not have to see technical complexities, you have more time to focus on sales. 

Pros of Unmanaged VPS Hosting UK

  1. It is an economical hosting solution.
  2. You enjoy complete administrative power. 
  3. You can configure it to specific needs. 
  4. You can install a personal VPN. 

Cons of Unmanaged VPS Hosting UK

  1. You need sound technical knowledge. The expertise in web server management is more than essential. 
  2. Security is also your headache. You have to install tools that keep you safe from potential attacks. 
  3. You have to update your server. 
  4. There is no support at all. You have to resolve every query all by yourself.

Pros of Managed VPS Hosting UK

  1. The infrastructure is so robust that downtime is almost zero, as long as there is a fault-tolerance mechanism. 
  2. Security is completely on the provider. They will perform vulnerability scans and make essential upgrades. 
  3. Support is available all the time via multiple channels. 

Cons of Managed VPS Hosting UK

  1. Prices are higher. 
  2. Initial setup can consume too much time. 
  3. Do you want to change some applications or OS in-between the process? It would not always be possible. It depends on your provider. 

Which Is Better? Managed or Unmanaged

There is no definitive answer. Things depend on your scenario. Making different choices in different situations always makes sense. For example, managed VPS hosting UK should be your choice if you do not want to spend time in server administration.  

Or maybe if you hate making updates and dealing with patches, managed VPS is for you. The providers offer high-quality support. However, yes, you would have to pay much more for that. But the level of comfort is worth spending. 

Unmanaged VPS hosting UK should be your choice if you are looking for the highest customization levels and expansion abilities. However, since you will be taking care of everything like upgrades and security patches, do not opt for this if you are not an expert in server management. 

It comes at affordable prices, but you have to invest your time. If you are willing to pay the cost of customization freedom in the form of time investment, go for it.

So, both suit two different types of customers. One is tech-savvy, and the other is not. They cater to two different kinds of businesses. One has a higher budget, and the other one has a lower one. Figure out where you stand.  

However, choosing the right hosting vendor is also as crucial as the hosting type selection. So pick your hosting partner carefully, considering all important parameters like uptime, security, and support. Grid Hosting can be your best partner in both situations. They offer reliable and cheap VPS hosting UK in both managed and unmanaged versions.