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Confluence Rundown; Everything You Need to Know About the Software

Before we dive into the various features in Confluence software, we want to talk about the software in general. The software was built keeping in mind what the project and work management needs for businesses today are. The software is an essential part of any business that runs in this day and age; simplifying complex tasks and automating simple ones completely! Confluence software in particular is very popular and has dozens of reviews available online contesting the fact that it is a great option for software.

In this piece, we will be talking about various facets that make Confluence software great. We will give you details about features in this software which are popular for good reason. We will also be telling you about Confluence pricing and Confluence reviews left by long-time users online. So if you want to know everything there is to know about the software then you need to keep reading!

Top Features in Confluence

Templates for Easy Use

A template can make things a lot easier for you and your business. With the template feature in Confluence, you get access to pre-designed templates, which you can explore. You can also choose a template based on your likes and dislikes, whether it serves your purpose or not. All in all, this will help you make things a lot easier as a result. You can even make additions and changes to a template you like depending on what your requirements are. The software is customizable which really is favorable for it. All in all, we really think this software will help you simplify project planning by giving you access to templates that you only need to populate with details. 

Comments and Feedback

The comments feature in Confluence software makes it easier for everyone in your project team to leave feedback which is very helpful to the wellbeing of your project in the long run. The software allows for teams to add comments to tasks uploaded by you. This makes giving feedback a lot easier which then helps you and your team to have better communication within your project and allows for easy feedback to be given as well. All in all, the feature in this software really helps make things more streamlined and allows for teamwork to be made easier too. 


The analytics feature in Confluence software also allows you to keep a critical eye on all of your work. This feature helps you to get reports about you and your team’s performance on a project. Whether you and your team are meeting deadlines, completing work efficiently, and more; the software analyses everything and give you the result. Knowing whether you are on track with a project helps you and your team know what processes need to be made better and what things are already faring well. Having a critical eye on deadline projects really allows you and your team to better your performance.  


Another feature worth mentioning is the notifications feature because of how it makes things easier for everyone involved. The feature helps you and your team to keep on top of all your project-related work. The feature sends reminders for any deadline which might be coming up which helps you to keep track of work that is due and when it is due. You are also alerted with a notification when you are tagged by a colleague in a comment or when a comment is left on your work. This helps you address any concerns and queries from your colleagues immediately. 

Version History 

Another feature we want to talk about is the version history feature which is very useful especially for team-based long-term projects. The feature helps you look at older versions of a project, lets you see the changes and who made those changes so everything is easily tracked which is useful. This helps teams go back to older versions of a project if the new changes within the project did not seem to be popular. This feature really helps you keep everything up to par and makes revisions a lot easier!

Confluence Pricing 

If the features in Confluence software intrigued you, then you are probably wondering how much this software will cost you. The software has various tiers and the cheapest tier for a basic version is $10 while the more expensive version which allows access to all the features in Confluence software costs $30. 

The software costs as much as any software catering to mid-tier companies does. The pricing is adequate for even smaller businesses that need project management help. In terms of pricing, you are definitely getting a fair deal!

Is Confluence Right for Your Needs as a Business

Now we come to the all-important question; is the software right for you? Well, that depends on what your needs as a business are. We suggest you make a list of all the features you would ideally want in a software and then compare the list to Confluence software to see whether the software will meet your needs. 

We also suggest reading Confluence reviews left by users to see whether in the long run the software will serve your needs well and perform the same way it is now. This will help you gain a future perspectives for the software. 

Asking for a Confluence demo or trial will also allow you to see the software and how it operates firsthand. This will allow you to make things simpler for everyone involved and thus let you know once and for all whether the software is right for you! 

All in all, we are sure whatever you choose to do in terms of buying Confluence software, will be a good fit for your needs.