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Cool Things to Try on the Weekend with Friends

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The latter part of 2019 saw the world waking up to a new reality, as the Coronavirus strain, Covid-19, extended its tentacles sweeping across our planet. Much hope was in the air, with optimism, from all quarters that the pandemic will be contained much more quickly than it came. Even aliens in the world shared this naïve optimism. But now in 2021, it seems cool to know things are getting back to normal and you might want to explore with friends and families. 

In this article, we are going to talk about various things you can do with your family at weekend to strengthen the bond, and have a nice time off work after many days of rigorous office tasks. 

  • RVing with friends: RV is short for a recreational vehicle, and the term RVing is used to describe the activities involved when you go out with friends in your recreational vehicle. Catching up with friends in your motorhome or RV can be one way of enjoying your time out there. Since it is a free Saturday, you can consider packing some food items and some other things that can make your RV experience much more awesome, get in the vehicle with your friends, and off you go to the coolest campsite in your state to get the most out of your camping experience. Not to worry, recreational vehicles are designed with toilets, a kitchen, and some other facilities that can make it your home.

  • Make your own to-do list and live it out: You might be interested in trying out some fun activities during the weekend with your friends. Call them over, and have them bring a list of what they will love to try with you in your house. Cool things like gel blasters which involve shooting recreational guns for fun, running, jogging, and working out are really cool to try out for the first time.

  • Cook together: Cooking, although stressful, can be fun especially when it involves you and your friends competing to check whose food is better. To get at it, you can select a certain food that is peculiar to a particular place or country, and then choose a third party to serve as a judge. The third-party can be a female friend who will taste the foods and choose the winner.

  • Watch great movies: You can have a selection of great movies which you want your friends to enjoy with you. Once you finished watching, you can talk about your favorite actors or protagonist, and why you all think such an actor is cool. Ensure this doesn’t lead to unwarranted arguments; remember it was meant to be just fun!

  • Go to free concerts: You might be wrong to think that there are no free fun concerts. It all boils down to your ability to make a good search. Tell your friend about the new concert you just find, and have them over on a Sunday evening to catch up with the latest happenings in town.

  • Read fun books and stories: Do you have a collection of books you are willing to share with friends? OH, weekends are a good time to have your friends come over for a nice read. Many storybooks have videos available online for fans who want to see how the actors are able to act out each role. If your friends are not really cool with the book idea, you can search for the movie edition of the book and have some fun watching.

  • Play football or watch your favorite match: It will be a nice time with your friends if you all support a particular team, and watch your team playing at the same time. It is all fun, and you can try it out. 


Contrary to the belief of most people that you have to be stupendously rich before you can catch fun out there, this article has shown you some really free and fun ways of catching funs with your friend over a great weekend. These are all cool stuff, and you can always try to check.