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Cool Website Designs By Weblium

The market share of website builders is growing every year. For today, it has reached 40% in the US, 21% in Europe and 10% in Japan.

Website builders are definitely the easiest, fastest, and most inexpensive way to create a website for an average person, who has no coding skills, but really wants to bring his business online! Designs can run the gamut of all businesses — retail, lifestyle to sports and technology, to something more specific like moving company website design.

However, there are many factors to consider when choosing the best platform, and one of the most important is the design of the templates.

If you know nothing about the website development and want to quickly create a simple yet effective small business website, you should try to create a website for free using the progressive Weblium website builder.

Weblium offers an amazing choice of professionally-made, well-designed website templates.  You don’t have to think over the website structure or design tricks to make your website work effectively: everything has already been done for you by experienced professionals like the web design agency Ramotion.

Now we will show you some examples of awesome websites created with Weblium website builder!

1) 10 website examples created with Weblium

1.1. Ryptic Room Escape

Lovely website feature: a perfect combination of colors and design elements.

An elegant dark background, neon design elements, images of Sherlock Holmes and Dick Tracy… this design is just perfect for an online quest website!

1.2. Sheriff

Lovely website feature: excellent promo video in the background.

A professionally-made promo video immediately draws attention to the company’s services. A concise website menu allows you to get all the necessary information before you start scrolling down to find the details.

1.3. Atom

Lovely website feature: a combination of colors of the background and shades of website blocks, illustrative icons, completeness of the information.

Orange blocks beautifully contrast with a white background, stylish icons instantly convey the message of site blocks. Good typography and consistency of information ensure a great user experience!

1.4. Creabl

Lovely website feature: concise site menu, informative header, interesting images.

A minimalistic website menu is key to easy navigation through the site. This means that the visitor will be able to quickly find the information he is looking for.

If there’s a need, a visitor can immediately register in the website’s header and start a free trial using the CTA buttons.

The white background and dark footer give the site a classic look; cute 3D images of the company’s business processes freshen up the website design.

1.5. BuJoBox

Lovely website feature: illustrative first screen, excellent product presentation.

The background of the first screen is a high-quality photograph of the product, and this is a win-win solution!

On the first screen, the visitor immediately meets an intriguing tagline and an order button, which increases the chance to turn him into a customer.

Below that, there is a concise but informative block with descriptions that introduces the visitor to the product.

1.6. Chalet Nordique

Lovely website feature: a mesmerizing first screen, a minimalistic menu with animated elements.

The full-size image on the first screen immediately catches the eye. At first glance, this high-quality photograph of the interior design seems to be a watercolor painting!

The site menu includes only three items; when you hover over the items, they “come to life” – this tiny animation freshens up the website design.

1.7. Good Story

Lovely website feature: the promo video of the cartoon on the first screen, cool creative images-icons, a clear and logical website structure.

This promo on the first screen is, maybe, the best choice for an animation studio website.

Colorful hand-drawn icons look great on a white background, freshening up the whole website design.

The structure of the site is thought out in detail: you watch the promo video, and after that, using the concise website menu, you can immediately make an order or learn more about the studio.

The website structure consistently answers the questions: “What?”, “For whom?”, “What do you get as a result?”, “How does it work?”, “Why us?”. Here you can also find a portfolio, work results counters, and a list of famous clients.

1.8. ReTeam

Lovely website feature: clean modern business style design, simple structure, clearly presented information, and a lot of social buttons.

White background with high-quality office life photographs is the best choice for a modern recruiting agency website.

Social media buttons are everywhere on the site, increasing the chances of driving organic traffic to the company’s website.

1.9. Food Stories

Lovely website feature: colorful and illustrative design elements, consistent information.

You won’t miss these bright red CTA buttons on a white background!

The minimalist website menu in the header allows you to immediately find answers to all the primary questions. Switchable sectors of information blocks, texts combined with numbers, and supported by illustrative icons – this is the most appropriate way to present your website content!

1.10. AFQ Records

Lovely website feature: bright multi-colored background, colorful design elements, huge fonts.

The “rainbow” design of the site perfectly conveys the characters of the AFQ creative team members. Big bright CTAs and icons are simply impossible to miss.

And the taglines with huge letters quickly convey the message to the visitor!

Do you like these stunning modern websites? That’s what we’re talking about!

Having the perfect-looking templates and a set of professional design tools with Weblium, you can create your own jaw-dropping website design knowing nothing about website development!

Besides, Weblium offers the newest solutions to make your website more interactive and efficient, many latest analytics tools integrations for your site, and modern instruments for improving communication effectiveness with your customers.

Try Weblium now!