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Costco Money-Saving Services You Didn’t Know About

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Although Costco is renowned for its low pricing on-bulk purchases, did you know that this warehouse club also offers several cost-effective services that you may not be aware of? Costco has plenty of options that can help you save money, such as discounted gift cards and savings on prescription medications.

I first came across its money-saving deals when randomly purchasing Costco cake. Then an employee informed me that as a member, I could score several discounts and make use of coupons to make the purchases further affordable. Let’s take a look at other money-saving services that are available at Costco. 


Costco consistently offers cost-effective gas rates that are still competitive even after falling from high levels, because gasoline prices tend to fluctuate. This is why, a lot of folks might consider a Costco membership due to the potential gas savings only.

Travel Deals

Costco Travel unveils itself as an effective option for smart travelers looking for ways to stretch their travel budget. It offers options to get exclusive deals on hotel rooms, cruise packages, and rented automobiles. More than just reservations, you can also get full vacation packages, often paired with alluring features like resort credits and lodging upgrades.

Tires at Discounted Prices

The tire center at Costco provides name-brand tires with warranties covering mileage, potential road hazards, and manufacturing flaws. These tires have a reputation for their high quality and affordable cost.

Pharmacy Service

Beyond just retail, Costco features a pharmaceutical department as part of what it offers. Prescription fulfillment is open to members, who can choose between easy in-person pickups and doorstep deliveries.

Savings on Insurance Coverage

Costco members get discounted rates on all kinds of insurance protection, comprising life and pet insurance along with home and auto insurance.

Deals on Premium Cars

The Costco Auto Program assists clients in locating attractive prices on both brand-new and used cars along with RVs. Incentives might also be a part of the program, such as the current $1,000 incentive for some new Cadillac cars. Major savings on services, parts, and accessories at authorized service locations are just a few of the other benefits.

Cost-effective Installation Services

Members get access to affordable installation services for several needs, covering everything from installing air conditioning and heating systems to executing other home renovation activities.

Delivery Service for Water

Bottled water delivery is an appealing and economical alternative for consumers and companies, and only Costco members are entitled to these exclusive discounts.

Costco Membership Perks: Some Additional Services

Pricing Adjustment Policies

If a product a member buys goes on sale within 30 days of that purchase, Costco offers a window of opportunity for customers to get price changes. This policy remains in effect even in the absence of a receipt, giving members a greater chance to find the best offer.

Significant Return Policy

People applaud Costco for its lenient return policy. Members who are dissatisfied with their purchases can return them for an immediate full refund. For example, I got a pedicure set to help me with my business on but wanted to return it soon. Fortunately, Costco  management did not present trouble and I was done with the return and refund in less than 10 minutes!

The 90-day return policy extends to big-ticket items such as electronics and appliances, surpassing the benchmarks established by a lot of other stores.

Interpreting Price Tags

The numbers on the Costco price tags may provide useful information. Prices with a decimal point of.99 represents Costco’s price,.98 represents the retailer’s cost, and.97 indicates a reduction from the list price.

Downgrading your Membership

Costco’s Executive Membership upgrading fee is refundable if the additional benefits don’t fit your purchasing patterns, presenting a useful option for managing membership costs.

Executive Membership with Cash Back

A key benefit of the Costco Executive Membership also referred to as the “black card,” is the 2% cash back on purchases. You will get a cashback as a rebate check that can be used inside or outside of the store.

Holiday Clearance Sales

At Costco, clearance is a continuous event, and scoring excellent prices usually calls for paying attention to seasonal shifts. To make place for new supply, seasonal products are rotated out, which often results in markdowns.

Asterisk Alert for Item Discontinuation

On price tags, asterisks represent discontinued products. Prices can significantly drop when the store sells off its inventory, giving an excellent opportunity to save money.

Savings on the Frozen Food

A lot of the food items offered at Costco are thawed after it was frozen. Bulk purchases of frozen items might result in even better discounts and fresher products.

Adapting of Prepaid Credit Cards

You can use Prepaid Visa cards as a workaround for buying gas and other items at Costco despite their limited payment options. I remember using AI-powered ChatGPT once to figure out how to save money on monthly expenses and it suggested that credit card usage was one of the most effective ways to shop affordably and build credit on the go!

Maintenance and Savings

Costco regularly provides $70 off tire brands such as Bridgestone and Michelin, so doing strategic tire purchases there may end up in significant savings. Also, Costco provides free tire maintenance services including pressure checks and flat repairs.

The Freedom Of Online Payments

Though the available payment methods in-store might be limited, Costco’s website takes all the major credit cards, like Discover cards. 

Cost-Efficiency of Rotisserie Chicken

Costco’s savory rotisserie chicken from the deli costs around $5 and comes in an ample amount that can be utilized for several meals.

In conclusion, Costco provides a wide range of affordable services and membership benefits along with bulk purchasing. The warehouse club offers a wide range of chances to stretch your cash further, including economical trip offers, premium insurance coverage, and installation services. So, whenever you head to Costco, keep in mind that there are more ways to save there which are waiting to be found.