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Cozy Coffee Shops with Wi-Fi in Bucharest, Romania  

Bucharest is a magnificent city and the capital of beautiful Romania. It is the largest commercial center of the country and one of the main tourist hubs. Romania’s amazing culture, art and history are felt in every corner of Bucharest and this affects the lifestyle and lifestyle of the local people. Modern and historical architecture are perfectly intertwined in this city, providing many options for tourists – from huge shopping malls to cozy restaurants, from rich museums to atmospheric cafes with the aroma of excellent varieties of the best coffee. For those who appreciate the opportunity to enjoy a cup of hot coffee, a delicious meal and catch the high wave of high-speed internet, Bucharest is the perfect place.

No fuss, with all the comforts for work and leisure activities

Coffee shops in Romania’s capital are more than just places where coffee is served: people come here to socialize or work, for a date or business meetings.

Every day, many coffee houses specializing in specialty coffee start very early. They carefully prepare an exquisite atmosphere for true gourmets. Whichever alleyway of the city center you go into, you will find many cafés and shops with unique designs and lively terraces. Here you’ll find specialty coffees with a varied menu and comfortable interiors that you’ll want to spend the whole day in.

Ordering a cup of high quality coffee will give you an extra bonus, which is especially valuable for those who always need to be in touch. Romania has one of the fastest internet connections in the world, ranking as the top in Europe. Large coffee shops in Bucharest usually provide unlimited Wi-Fi, which is available for the price of a good espresso, Americano or cappuccino.

Even true coffee connoisseurs who travel a lot and have already tasted the best varieties of the invigorating drink in such world metropolises as Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Budapest, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Dublin and Paris are convinced that Bucharest coffee culture not only matches their level, but somewhere even surpasses it.

A characteristic feature of coffee establishments in Bucharest is their multifunctionality, which combines cafes and shops in one place. If you find a note of your flavored drink, you can purchase it on the spot to extend the pleasure in a homely atmosphere. Undoubtedly, coffee from local roasters such as Origo and Guido shine with their unrivaled flavor. However, there are many other shops in the city whose range and quality of products are just as good as the honored brands.  One of them is HotspotCoffee, which supplies an exclusive invigorating drink to famous coffee shops in the Romanian capital. Let’s get to know them better, plunging into the unforgettable atmosphere of retro and digital styles.

Bucharest’s coffee culture for romantic meetings and business lunches

Coffee critics who have traveled the world can read the following about Bucharest: this city has a strong coffee culture that is not to be missed! They believe that with the ever-increasing number of emigrants who call Eastern Europe their home, more and more people will seek out this perfect place with the taste of the best coffee and high-speed internet. Here is a list of digital criteria that distinguish the combined coffee shops in Bucharest:

  • free Wi-Fi that works at jet speed level;
  • an abundance of comfortable seating areas;
  • plenty of electrical outlets for charging a laptop, phone or other modern gadgets;
  • tasty and inexpensive food: sandwiches, salads and snacks that satisfy the hunger of visitors;
  • and, of course, Bucharest coffee – real strength and tenderness in every cup!

Let’s try together to find the best places with an abundance of coziness, flavor and appropriate atmosphere for customers with different preferences.

An overview of unique places in Bucharest with the flavor of gourmet coffee

The interiors of coffee establishments in Romania’s capital can vary somewhat in style and design. Whether industrial modernism – with its balance of wood and metal, maximalism and minimalism in details, or retro French Provence – with its romantic verandas and individual seats.

Having plunged into this magical atmosphere from the very morning, then it is very difficult to get out of the comfort zone. Especially if you have everything for this comfort at your fingertips: a varied menu that can surprise any client, and a free wi-fi zone, which each client can dispose of at will.

As a rule, in the mornings all the tables in Bucharest coffee shops are occupied: some visitors are discussing their plans for the coming day with their friends or spouses over a cup of coffee, talking about a joint holiday, while others have already started working, placing their laptops on the tables. This is a clear sign that their working day has begun. And why not, if you have all the conditions for it: free internet access with a stable signal, a calm daytime atmosphere and invigorating healthy snacks flavored with coffee mustard. Let’s take a stroll through the unique coffee shops of Bucharest together.

Beans & Dots is a cafe, shop and co-working center in one located in the heart of Bucharest. It is also called a secluded corner for those who want to work anywhere! Inside the cafe on the first floor you will find many spacious tables, comfortable for large companies and arranging all the elements for a workplace.

Shayda. This cozy cafe with cushioned sofas has an atmosphere that at first glance lends itself to sweet dreams, so you’ll need a dose of caffeine to get to work! At Shayda you will be surprised not only with hot drinks, but also with delicious desserts prepared according to a special recipe. The cozy space with friendly visitors is complemented by the subtle sound of calm background music, which disposes of positive thoughts. Here you can tune in to the working rhythm and free yourself from heavy thoughts while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee on the outdoor terrace.

Camera Din Fata. The name of this establishment translates as “Front Room”. It is a charming café and a showcase in the bustling city. Once you cross its threshold, you will be immersed in a calm and cozy atmosphere, ideal for generating productive ideas and diving headfirst into the working atmosphere. Camera Din Fata offers a variety of coffee varieties from all over the world, providing different ways to prepare your beverage. Here you will find a wide selection of gourmet coffee from HotspotCoffee – with the aroma of caramel and walnut, the sweetness of vanilla and the sharpness of oak bark, the flavor of strawberries and cream and the invigorating guarana. You can safely taste it in the walls of a cozy cafe and buy it for your home collection of gourmet coffee.

When you find yourself in Bucharest, don’t forget to set aside some time to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the mesmerizing coffee establishments and shops of this invigorating beverage. This is the only way to truly appreciate the uniqueness of the Romanian capital’s coffee culture.