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Crackle Plus Announces Four New Series

Dramas 'Spides,' 'Safehaven,' 'Flagrant' and 'The Operative' All Announced

Streamer Crackle Plus will extend its original programming slate with four new scripted series: “Spides,” “Safehaven,” “Flagrant” and “The Operative.” Debuting later this year with eight hour-long episodes and shot and set in modern-day Berlin, thriller “Spides” follows Nora Berger, a young woman who wakes from a coma without any memory of her previous life after taking a mysterious club drug, BLISS. Local police detective David Leonhart and his partner Nique Navar are hunting down the source of the drug in relation to dozens of missing teens from all over the city. When Nora begins digging in an attempt to discover the truth of her own experience, she begins to peel back the layers of a conspiracy of aliens using synthetic drugs to infiltrate humans to use as host bodies.

The other three new series will debut in 2021, each with 10 one-hour episodes. Created by executive producer James Seale, “Safehaven” is a supernatural thriller about Jenna Frost, a high school comic book artist who finds herself trapped in an alternate reality – a personal purgatory ripped from the pages of “Safehaven,” the graphic novel of her own creation. In reality, Jenna lies in a coma after a car crash and is living inside a nightmarish parody of high school life where the real world collides with the horrors of her comic book.

Set 20 years after he was caught throwing a game and gambling on his own team, “Flagrant” follows a disgraced college basketball star (Michael Rappaport) after he gets an unlikely shot at redemption. He fled Queens, NY decades ago to get away from the stigma of the scandal, but he’s now asked to come home and fill in as coach for a currently-failing team, at the same school he famously sold down the river decades ago.

Spy drama “The Operative,” meanwhile, stars Craig T. Nelson as retired intelligence operative John Straw, who was mysteriously forced to end his career following the Cold War but re-emerges to warn of an upcoming attack on American soil. A young analyst named Emma, sent by the CIA to interview him about his claims, uncovers that Straw has a head full of stories, some pointing to a decade’s old conspiracy with ties to the Kremlin. In her search for the truth, Emma and John soon become allies as they work together to try and stop a skilled, ruthless, and formidable enemy before it’s too late for the country…and themselves.