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Craps Isn’t the Only Casino Dice Game You Should Give a Shot

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When you think about dice and gambling, crap is the first game that comes to mind. But however, there are other games other than crap where dice are used. Most contemporary casino houses offer crap tables to patrons, but other variables of crap are available in selected houses. Of the other versions of crap, sic bio is the most available in casinos. This is mostly played in Asian countries, but some premier US casinos also offer this game. Of all the dice, casino games crap comes with the lowest house edge.

3000 years

Dice games are played overage. Its history extends to over three thousand years, though primarily as a fortune telling tool rather than a gambling pursuit. Dice come in various dimensions. Some even have twenty sides, but six-sided dice are considered standard. Most players are accustomed to smooth-sided dice, but in some casinos, you will find cutting-edge dice. Casinos use perfectly crafted dice with a variance of less than 0.00001%; this is because the house does not like to give the edge to players while rolling the dice. A perfectly fabricated dice produce random results. As dice games are complete games of chance, you cannot imply any strategy in these games. Some of the dice games other than crap are as follows:


Klondike is an immersive, entertaining game that was initiated on the West coast of the US. The voyagers, while working hard, wanted to have some thrilling entertainment. Klondike was a perfect pastime as it offered much-needed amusement, even a chance to win a small stake. The game is played with five dice, and if you have ever played Yahtzee, you will see a lot of similarities between the two. The banker initiates the game by rolling the dice. Subsequently, the players roll the dice. The aim of the game is to create a better hand than the dealer. You win if you have a better combination than the banker. In case of a tie, you lose.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is the most favorite dice game after crap. Apparently, it looks like an intricate game, but as you start, you find it simple. It is a pleasant alternative to other casino games. If you get bored with slot or poker, try a hand in this dice game. This game is immensely popular in Asia, and its acceptance spread to Europe and America in the 80s and 90s. Sic Bo translates to “dice pair” in Chinese and is played with three dice. The design of the Sic Bo table enables players to place their stakes with three dice.

Banka Francesa

Banka Francesa is a fast-paced game mostly available in South American and European casinos, hardly any US casinos, but fortunately, you can play it in UFA online casino. The house edge of this entertaining dice game is 1.6% which is low compared to other casino dice games. The three possible wagers of Banka Francesa are; big, small and aces. It is played with three six-dimensional dice. When you play a three-dice game, the total will vary from three to eighteen.