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Creative Ways to Use a Cell Phone Holder for Hand

Cell phone holders are incredibly versatile tools that can make our lives easier, from allowing us to view charts and reference materials while cooking or keeping track of everyone’s whereabouts while running errands. But they can also be used in creative ways – like a stand-in solution for an extra hand! With their adjustable arms, cell phone holders offer endless convenience anywhere you take them, giving you the ability to capture moments and hold anything your heart desires with two free hands. Consider a cell phone seat for a cell phone holder that’s hands free. Keep reading to learn how to get the most out of your cell phone holder by using it as a third hand at home, on vacation, or even around the house!  

Use it for a hands-free way to watch movies, read books, and play games on your phone

Technology has enabled us to be more productive and creative in our daily lives, and now it is making our entertainment more enjoyable too. With the emergence of hands-free ways of experiencing movies, books, and games on our phones, we can easily immerse ourselves into these worlds without having to hold up a phone or device for extended periods of time. Whether you are watching a movie on your train ride home, looking for an engaging way to distract yourself during a long meeting, or just want to multitask by catching up on your favorite show while playing a game, using hands-free technology gives you the freedom and flexibility to do so. Make the most out of your free time and explore all the opportunities available at your fingertips with this modern convenience!

Attach your phone to the wall and use it as a mini desk to take notes or write emails

Instead of spending money on a dedicated workspace, why not try attaching your phone to the wall and using it as a mini desk? Improve your posture while typing emails or taking notes with this handy piece of technology. Use your house walls as surfaces to free up valuable desk space. Not only will it save you money, but since you can hang it at eye level, you’ll also get neck and back relief! Best of all, when you’re done with your tasks for the day, just unhook your phone from the wall and go on with your life. Easy!

Use the holder for hands-free selfies so you don’t have to juggle the camera

Selfies are all the rage these days – from red-carpet events to casual friend gatherings, it seems that almost everyone is taking one. But many people find themselves struggling with juggling their personal camera trying to get the perfect shot, luckily there is a better way to get that perfect selfie. Using a hand-held device holder will make it easier for you to take your selfies without having to extend your arm or fumble with your phone as you try and get just the right shot. A holder allows for flexible angles and more natural poses when taking selfies and you won’t have any difficulty finding different settings in order to achieve the desired results. Whether you invest in the newest phone model or utilize your existing device, a hands-free holder will make capturing those special moments much more effortless!

Place it next to your bed for easy access to alarm clocks and music players in the morning

Wake up to your favorite tunes instead of a loud and annoying alarm! By keeping your alarm clock and music player next to your bed, you can have better control over morning wake-up calls. This simple change will help ensure you wake up refreshed and energized instead of exhausted from the jolt of an unpleasant surprise. Whether it’s listening to upbeat pop music or calming jazz, this solution will help get you ready for a productive day ahead!

Put it in the car so you can easily check directions or place calls while driving safely

There’s nothing worse than feeling lost while driving – it can be an intimidating and even dangerous experience. Fortunately, technology has made staying safe and navigating easier than ever before. Investing in a hands-free device for your car, such as a Bluetooth-enabled speakerphone or navigation system, is a great way to keep yourself on the right track. You’ll easily be able to listen to directions or make calls without the distraction of having to look at a phone screen or type on a keypad. A hands-free device can make all the difference between being productive and secure during your drive and putting yourself in potential danger when attempting to check directions or make calls.

Turn it into a makeshift stand and attach it to any surface for convenient video chatting

For those who are looking for an easy and convenient way to video chat, consider a makeshift stand that can be attached to any surface. It’s simple – just find an old phone holder or some other type of mounting device and attach it to the wall, desk, or tabletop with screws or adhesive tape. The mount will hold your phone so you can easily make video calls without having to constantly hold it up yourself. It is easier on your wrists and arms and puts your face at the perfect angle every time you want to start a call. Plus, by having a designated spot for the phone, you won’t lose it in the couch cushions again!


Smartphone holders are an incredibly versatile item to have, providing a wide array of usages and benefits that differ for each person. While using the holder for hands-free access to your phone can make life easier and more productive, it also prevents the causes of smartphone addiction and helps you reclaim the balance between tech and life. With its sleek design, adjustable angles, and surfaces to attach, a universal smartphone holder is the perfect solution for any multi-tasker or tech addict. Plus, with its low cost compared to similar products on the market, why not try it?