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Creativity: What Factors Affect Our Creative Thinking the Most? 

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Creative thinking entails thinking beyond average imagination. Often, creativity requires lateral thinking or the capacity to discover patterns that are not immediately apparent. 2 Creative thinking may include finding novel methods for completing tasks, resolving difficulties, and confronting obstacles. It entails bringing a novel, and perhaps unconventional, viewpoint to your job. This mode of thought may aid departments and organizations in increasing their productivity. Creativity thinking is not exclusive to artists. Anyone may cultivate and improve their ability to think creatively.

Why is it useful and important?

In our everyday lives, creative thinking is both necessary and beneficial. You may use it in;

· Taking Risks: Being adventurous and up for life’s difficulties propels you ahead toward creativity.

· Playing: At times, attempting to be amusing allows you to use the given difficulty to your advantage.

· Asking Why regularly: Being curious and nosy, always asking questions, opens up an infinite number of doors and opportunities.

· Creating a vast number of ideas: By generating many viable solutions, a clever, distinctive, and surprising solution is identified.

Several benefits include the following:

· the capability of developing the most effective answers to everyday needs that provide value to customers and your organization;

· enhancement of problem-solving abilities for not just work-related but also personal issues;

· increased workplace participation and engagement, which benefits a healthier atmosphere;

· a more nuanced grasp of data — often referred to as data literacy — and how to display it effectively via data storytelling;

· Maintain a strong emphasis on self-improvement while you and your coworkers build further soft skills.

Factors that affect creativity the most

  1. Existing as a liberal

Psychologists have discovered that conservatives may be less inventive than liberals. According to studies, creativity requires the kind of liberalism that is more prevalent among liberals.

Conservatives may struggle with innovative thinking because conservatism puts a higher premium on tradition and precedent. Liberals, on the other hand, maybe more receptive to novel ideas and less concerned with existing norms. It’s fascinating to contemplate how our political opinions may impact our thinking well outside the realm of politics.

  1. The concept of space and time

While productivity may rise under duress, creativity has no beneficial effect unless enough space and time are supplied.

Without a defined time block, it’s easy to lose sight of a creative attitude and instead concentrate on petty concerns that are simpler to deal with than dedicating time to significant tasks. Additionally, it takes time to enter your creative mood. It would help if you accepted that creating something genuinely unique and inventive will take time.

  1. Atmosphere and surroundings

Atmosphere and surroundings both affect an individual’s degree of creativity. While innovation and creativity may occur in various contexts and circumstances, some locations are more favorable to the creative process. Communication is inextricably linked to both creativity and innovation.

  1. Fearlessness

We are fearful of making a mistake. We’re frightened of falling short of perfection. We’re terrified of seeming foolish and getting mocked or rejected. Fear of using our inherent creativity as a tool for thinking is unhelpful and often renders us unable to think clearly or deeply. Fearlessness and the ability to conquer your anxieties enable you to express your creativity fully.

  1. Experiences

If you want to be more creative, you must engage in creative activities daily. Most essential, challenge yourself daily. Increase your exposure to new experiences, and you will become more creative.

The more activities you engage in, the stronger the connections in your brain become. Therefore, visit new locations, do new things, and immerse yourself in music, art, and films that you are not interested in. The more new experiences you have, the stronger the neuronal connections in your brain become. The deeper those connections get, the simpler it will be to generate fresh, innovative ideas when they are most needed.

Healthy and quick strategies to enhance Creative thinking

  1. Exercises for the brain

The brain is the most complicated organ in the body. It governs many biological systems, analyzes incoming sensory information, and processes our emotions. Also, it has the seat of memory, intellect, and creativity.

Although the brain receives enough exercise every day, some activities may enhance brain function and connection. It, in turn, may help protect the brain from age-related deterioration. There are various workouts for the brain, Like meditation, playing memory games, and other brain active activities.

  1. Sport and good nutrition

Eating a well-balanced diet will help you acquire the calories and nutrients you need to power your everyday activities.

When it comes to consuming meals that fuel your workout performance, it’s not as easy as picking veggies versus doughnuts. You need to consume the proper sorts of food at the right times of the day. active individuals come up with more and better ideas during assessments of their creativity than somewhat passive persons, which implies that if we aspire to be more imaginative,

  1. Hormone balance

Growth hormone has several functions, including regulating our height and developing bones and muscles. Natural growth hormone levels vary throughout the day, seeming to be impacted by physical activity.

GH has a role in the brain’s growth, development, and myelination. Both GH and its mediator IGF-1 promote progenitor cell proliferation and neuron development in the hippocampus. HGH is a complicated protein that your pituitary gland produces naturally near the brain. This protein directly regulates the pace at which cells reproduce and repair themselves, mostly to maintain a healthy body. It is important to mention that the therapy requires a proven declined Growth hormone levels and a prescription. But HGH results before and after the treatment are just impressive, for those who really need it.

  1. Suitable environment

The environment in which a person is exposed affects their thinking. The optimal setting for creative thought must be pleasant for the one who occupies it. Temperature, noise, and light levels should be reasonable, not excessive, among other variables.

Additionally, it would be best to foster an atmosphere conducive to innovative thought. Being comfortable in all aspects of your life, from your clothing to your surroundings, affects your capacity to think creatively.

  1. Incentives and bonuses

Pay for performance is a widely utilized technique for increasing motivation and performance, and it has been shown that creative incentives promote creativity. When incentives and other benefits drive you, it is natural for you to perform at your best. It boosts your inventiveness.