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Critical Elements of Bathroom Decor

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Today, floating bathroom vanities laconic geometric-shaped are in trend. The absence of a pedestal saves space, adding a sense of airiness and spaciousness. A stunning shade and expensive countertop material on luxury bathroom vanities (wood, marble) are worthy of a bathroom. An artificial stone is a more economical and durable option. Glass countertops look stylish and modern. Still, they quickly get dirty and are inferior in strength to stone or wood. The sink can be decorated with your own hands using moisture-resistant vinyl stickers, patterns, and mosaics. To replace the pedestal sink, improvised means are also suitable: a high stool, an elongated stump, pallets, a metal barrel, or an antique bedside table.

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Suppose niches eat up a lot of space. In that case, it is convenient to store bath accessories and bathroom decor on narrow shelves and open shelves. The area above the toilet is often unused with a shared bathroom – why not place a couple of frames there?

Small bathrooms offer convenient storage in the corner, under the ceiling, and along with the bathtub. Shelves across the entire wall area are a bold solution that adds texture and volume to the space. To update the decor, it will be enough to change the accessories along the walls.

Bathroom Mirror

 From a small oval above the sink to massive slabs on the entire ceiling, you can experiment with a mirror in the bathroom. To enhance the illusion of volume in a small space, use a medicine cabinet with light. LED mirrors and expressive framing make a considerable contribution to the decoration of the bathroom. In the eco-style, a mirror in a simple wooden frame looks great, suspended from the ceiling with a thick rope made of sisal or jute. If the bathroom is spacious, then two sinks with mirrors can be used. Original wall compositions are obtained from several mirrors of different sizes, creating a constant play of reflections.

Textile items help add color to your bathroom décor. A single shade of towels, bathrobes, and a rug will quickly set the right accents against a neutral background.

A double bath curtain with an original pattern looks dramatic and voluminous. Well-chosen photo prints (open landscapes that lead the gaze into the distance) will visually expand the space and emphasize the uniqueness of the interior.

Bathroom decorating rules

Sketch a rough sketch by hand or create it in a dedicated online application. Consider a combination of hidden and open storage systems to remove unsightly items and display beautiful ones. Most often, a light neutral palette is chosen for the bathroom. It creates a soothing atmosphere, adding a sense of cleanliness and order. But the classic white monochrome looks boring. Bright accessories, live plants, and textiles will help to revitalize. Finishing materials must withstand temperature changes, high humidity, safe composition, and long service life. The best options for the bathroom: ceramic tiles, plastic panels, natural or artificial stone, waterproof paint, decorative plaster. Other finishes require additional moisture protection.

Features of decorating work surfaces (walls, floor, ceiling)

A favorite for bathroom wall decoration is tile. It is non-standard laying on one of the sites can become a highlight of the decor. Do not be afraid to combine several types and shades of tiles at once, which will add individuality to the interior.

Tired of traditional tiles and betting on exclusivity? Try covering from Venetian palaces – terrazzo. The multi-colored marble chips, which are repeated on the floor and countertop, work incredibly effectively.

Before painting the walls, you must carefully level the surfaces and check how the chosen shade will look in the new lighting. The intensity of the light can change the color of the coating. Decorating walls with PVC panels is one of the most accessible, most affordable, and quickest ways to decorate a bathroom. There are a lot of high-quality and durable options that imitate stone, wood, tiles. Models with a particular protective film on the front side are less prone to damage during installation. Who said that wallpaper is not comma il faut for the bathroom? Vinyl, washable, liquid, and fiberglass wallpapers tolerate moisture well and do not swell. By accentuating one of the walls, you can achieve the effect of depth and get a stylish design. A few wood pieces and living plants will balance the dark touches for a natural look. A neutral bathroom interior will liven up a floor with a colorful pattern or a bright rug. If you want an unusual volumetric picture, pay attention to the pouring surfaces with a 3D effect. You can choose the most daring drawings. Dark shades for bathroom floors are not particularly practical: they clearly show soap stains and smudges from powder. 

Ready-made ideas in different styles

Most of the bathrooms in apartment buildings are reasonably modest with no daylight source. In such conditions, styles with laconic decor and smooth surfaces look good: high-tech, minimalism, modern, eco, industrial, brutalism. But if you wish, the bathroom can be decorated in any style you like. Here are some excellent options: Scandinavian bathrooms are distinguished by subtle finishes, practical and flexible layouts, natural materials, and an abundance of light. An opportunity for those who do not like unnecessary details and appreciate eco-decor. Grandma’s bedside table, updated with decoupage or a new painting, is a winning accessory for a bathroom in the style of shabby chic or Provence. Add a lavender bucket and floral wallpaper over the sink to it. To create a country-style bathroom, use wood, brick, and black fittings in the decoration.

The minimalist style ensures your bathroom looks good all year round. The combination of bare brickwork, glass, and concrete is a recognizable industrial touch. Complete the look with an eye-catching metallic light fixture. 

Useful tips from designers

Experienced pros have a ton of valuable and practical ideas on how to decorate a bathroom:

  • To keep the stone finish from looking heavy, install transparent glass partitions.
  • Monochrome does not seem boring due to the inclusion of unusual interior items in the interior, reminiscent of art objects.
  • A wooden ladder leaning against the wall will provide additional storage space for towels and will not steal space, unlike a cabinet or regular shelf. Ideal for eco and country styles.
  • To protect the wallpaper from splashes and dirt, designers recommend using them only for 30-40% of the entire area of the room.
  • An easy way to update your bathroom decor is to replace fittings and faucets. Instead of setting up custom marble countertops, buying a less expensive marble accessory tray is easiest.
  • Gold and copper hues and details set against a neutral palette give the room a modern look.
  • Keep an eye out for details such as the toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, and other bathroom accessories. For them, it is worth considering a convenient and aesthetic storage place. For example, colored jars on the board, miniature baskets, and colorful cups.
  • Combine different pieces of furniture for an asymmetrical composition. A well-thought-out and well-planned bathroom decor will transform it from a common household space into a natural abode of comfort and relaxation.