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Crypto Affiliate Programs: How to Choose Them

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The crypto industry allows you to earn additional money even if you don’t invest tokens into various projects or buy hardware to mine coins. There are plenty of different affiliate programs that you can join to be rewarded with real money. If you are looking for some alternative ways to earn money, we are going to provide you with some useful information.

Affiliate Programs Basics

The idea of affiliate marketing is to reward those who help businesses expand their customer network. With the appearance of the Internet, affiliate marketing became even more popular and the number of affiliate programs increased significantly.

Although crypto affiliate marketing started recently, the number of various offers has increased significantly in the past years due to the general growth of interest in this niche. Various campaigns are launched by ICO holders, exchanges, dApp developers, and other companies.

The Benefits of Participating in Crypto Affiliate Marketing

The pros of being an affiliate partner are the following:

  1. You can earn additional money by simply inviting new users to various platforms.
  2. Affiliate income may become partially passive when you understand how to get new users.
  3. Depending on a particular offer, you can earn substantial sums of money. Some players in this niche earn dozens of thousands of US dollars.
  4. You don’t need to create your own product and, therefore, apply any idea. Affiliate campaigns offer all types of advertisement materials that you can use by default in order to attract your target audience.

Crypto affiliate programs are very attractive by themselves, but there are some difficulties that you may face on this route. In particular, you should understand how to receive a flow of users that you will later direct to the platform that you promote. Some affiliate program participants use their own websites, while others create social media pages and build their strategies around them.

Types of Affiliate Programs

There are three main types of affiliate programs that you will find on the Internet. They include:

  1. Partnership programs. This type of campaign allows you to receive a fixed or floating fee for each referral that performs a particular action on the website. In most cases, the referred user should register and pay for some services before the company will pay you your commission.
  2. CPA or Cost Per Action programs. As it comes from its name, the commission is paid when a user commits a particular action on the platform that you promote. In most cases, CPA is paid for the deposits that traders and investors make on exchanges.
  3. Introducing affiliate programs. You can also earn additional money by simply introducing new people to the world of crypto. You will provide your target audience with some special materials and earn commissions once they buy this educational content.