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Crypto Company Has Become an Official Sponsor of FIFA World Cup 2022

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Cryptocurrency is getting very popular these days. Recently, on 22nd March, an announcement was made that a Crypto Company has become an official sponsor of FIFA World Cup 2022. This is the latest news in the crypto world and if you have not heard about the news yet, then this blog can be useful for you. Also, you can check these helpful trading strategies.

Official Sponsor:

A Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange platform or app, is now the official cryptocurrency sponsor of FIFA, the world Soccer Governing body. The next FIFA World Cup is going to be held in Qatar in November and December 2022. This announcement was made by on 22nd March, through their official Twitter account. They wrote, “ is proud to be the first crypto trading platform sponsor of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022”. is a very popular name to those who are well-versed with cryptocurrency and crypto tradings. It is one of those fastest-growing platforms in the digital world. This platform has almost ten million customers who invest and trade in cryptocurrency through It has 4000 employees who work with this company across the world. 

This crypto platform is very popular and even in the past, it has sponsored many sports events. It has partnered with sports organizations and teams across the globe. Some of the popular names include Paris Saint-German, Formula One, The Ultimate Fighting Championship, Philadelphia 76ers, and many others. The has a history of partnering with sports companies related to MMA fighting, Soccer, Football, and Basketball as well. For FIFA, is going to be the first crypto platform sponsor and they are very happy to make this announcement. The actual budget that was decided for the FIFA World Cup has not been. 

Officials of FIFA and

The Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of, Kris Marszalek was very happy to make this announcement. He said that they are very excited to be the official sponsors of FIFA World Cup 2022. This is one of the most prestigious sports tournaments across the globe. The future of the company is good. With the help of this partnership with FIFA, they are planning to grow further in an innovative way. That will help them in sponsoring more such sports events so that they will be able to offer a world-class sports experience to the fans and sportsmen in the world. 

Kay Madati, the Chief Commercial Offer of FIFA said that has already made its name in the world of sports. It has proven its commitment to supporting some of the leagues and teams across the world. And now what can be a better way for the crypto trading platform to grow bigger. They will be able to reach a very large audience with this partnership with FIFA World Cup. FIFA is the world’s largest platform for football and soccer players. in news:

In 2021, November, was in the news for a long time. This company made it to the news headlines as they were able to get the naming rights for the Staples Center, the legendary Los Angeles Venue. That means this place will be renamed Stadium. If they continue to brand their name in this manner, it can be hard to predict where they will land in the coming year. In just no time of getting this achievement, they are now the official Cryptocurrency sponsor of FIFA World Cup 2022. 

More than 3.2 Billion people view the FIFA World Cup in the year 2018. So that will help you understand what is going to be the reach of this crypto exchange platform after the FIFA World Cup. It can have its advertising and marketing inside and outside the stadium where the World Cup is sponsored. 

We will have to wait for more information from and FIFA to know more about their sponsorship and other details. They may share more details about this in the coming days. The FIFA World Cup will begin on 21st November 2022 and will continue till 18th December 2022.