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Cryptocurrencies Are Headed Towards Dominating Online Gambling

Did you know that there are some major shifts going on in the world of online gambling at this very moment? It is true as many online gambling websites seek out more ways than ever to provide content to their fans, they are looking for better ways to let those individuals get their money onto the gambling websites in the first place. Sometimes this is a matter of providing alternative means of depositing money onto those sites in the first place.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that many people around the world use these days. It is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, and a lot of young people, in particular, want to use this type of currency at all times for just about everything that they do. One of the things that they particularly prefer to do via the anonymous Bitcoin currency is to gamble on the Internet with it. Most people prefer to do this kind of business without their name being attached to it.

The Softswiss Group is one firm that is eager to see the changes that are coming to the way that we all play casino games online. They are going into their sixth year of existence now, and they have worked hard to make sure that each of these years have been highly successful for them. They see the future of our world as a place where Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are accepted virtually everywhere. It may start with online gaming now, but the future is much larger than that for these currencies.

Games Are Moving To Mobile

What Coingaming Group knows better than practically anyone is the fact that mobile gaming is beginning to dominate the landscape of gaming in general. It is estimated that seventy percent of all gambling revenue generated in 2020 will come from mobile casino gaming apps. That is a massive shift from the way that gambling has been conducted throughout history. We are looking at a wholesale change in the way that the entire industry conducts itself and what it must focus on to survive.

Bitcoin is a clear choice of many people who gamble online because it is a lot easier to transfer Bitcoin funds quickly and anonymously than it is to move fiat currency through these venues. Some banks actually prohibit deposits onto websites that are used for gambling purposes, and that can stop the entire progression of being able to play these gambling games in their tracks.

Coingaming Group is positioning itself for what it sees as the inevitable outcome of online gambling. That is to say that it projects that the trends will continue to move towards mobile gaming and that it is a lot smarter for companies like itself to embrace that and look for ways to make a profit off of all of this money moving into virtual currencies.

Keeping The Customer Number One

It is important to not lose focus of the fact that the number one objective of anyone and everyone in the space right now is to keep the customer happy and coming back to play. It is easy to get caught up in the twists and turns of the industry and forget about who you are really serving right now, but you should avoid that temptation as much as you possibly can. Customers will decide which companies survive and which do not during this massive shift. They are going to favor those who have clearly put their interests in the driver’s seat this whole time. Coingaming Group is looking to continue to do that in 2020.

One of the crowning jewels of the Softswiss Group portfolio is a website they run known as This is a simple Bitcoin casino as the name suggests, but it is attracting a lot of players because of its simplicity. You don’t have to sign up through multiple layers in order to get an account. You just deposit some Bitcoin and you are ready to play.

There are new features and games coming to this website in 2020. The company is very excited to announce that they will be unrolling a rewards program that will let new and existing players earn points towards various rewards within the casino. They are also eyeing the idea of letting first-time depositors get a bonus on that deposited money as many online casinos already do.

The hope is that adding a rewards program and a few other features in 2020 will raise the profile of this casino and hopefully bring it to the attention of a lot of people who had not already been aware of the casino itself.

Why Are People Attracted To Bitcoin Now More Than Ever?

There is little question that people are attracted to Bitcoin more than at any time in the past, but what about it in particular makes it so appealing right now? It probably has something to do with the fact that there are a lot of stories about cyber security hitting the wires every day. We are learning that our personal information is not nearly as safe as we assumed it to be nor as safe as we desire it to be. Even some of the institutions that a normal person would assume are among the safest in the world have already been breached.

Bitcoin offers security in a world that feels like it is increasingly teetering on the brink of total chaos at times. People just want to play the casino games that they know and love, and the best way for them to do that is to have a secure method to deposit and withdrawal their funds, and there is no better way to do that than to use something that clearly gets the job done. In other words, people are going to turn to Bitcoin for comfort and security in times like this.