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Cryptojacking – Protect Yourself

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With the coming of the virtual currency which is an asset and can be bought with the help of fiat currency, there is also a threat in the market which is a very common threat attached to anything that is present on the web that is a crime which is committed on the internet with the help of internet and is popularly known as cybercrime. 

There is a threat of similar nature that is attached with the cryptocurrency and that is popularly known as the crypto jacking which is nothing but a method to break into the personal computer of some person with the intention of crypto mining and taking the crypto bought by the person out of the possession of the owner without coming into their knowledge. This is very much illegal in the eyes of the law as it is inappropriate taking away the person’s digital asset bought out of the lawful possession of the person. It is something evil in the eyes of law because of the terms like the breach of privacy and the absence of the consent of the owner. It also results in a significant loss of a person’s most precious asset. It can attack the computer by just getting into the personal computer in the form of a virus and then sending all the valuable data to the person who is the source of the virus and then sending all such data leads to the immense loss by losing the valuable digital asset. 

Now after knowing about the kind of threat crypto jacking can pose, the 1st and foremost question that comes to the mind of the crypto owners is how to protect yourself from this kind of threat. So, the simple answer to this question is that yes, it is a serious threat and we need to protect ourselves from this kind of threat and in order to do so we need to follow set of rules that we will not hand over our system to some unauthorized use and will always use secure internet connectivity and we will also keep our system secure with a password and keeping it updated. 

Even after following all the preventive protocols and more info if there is an intrusion of virus or some unusual activity which is going on with your system you must take the precautionary steps like changing the password and not storing the password on the desktop and running an antivirus to check the intrusion of the virus and also disconnecting your system from the internet connectivity and after taking all the precautionary steps please inform the crypto company of such an intrusion on your system so that they can secure the crypto data at their end. 

Also, inform the police and data protection authority of such an intrusion in your system and ask them to take all reasonable steps in order to secure your data and also to look out for the person who is trying to steal the personal data by getting into the personal computer of the person. It is also to be taken care of by the companies that the website is completely secured and there is no intrusion on their website and no one is looking into the details of the cryptocurrency stored or the details of the transaction which is carried on their website in order to buy crypto.

Crypto jacking is definitely a threat to the security of the cryptocurrency but there is nothing to be afraid of same rather than being afraid one needs to be careful about the same and we all know that every rose has a thorn and so is the case with the cryptocurrency where the crypto is a rose and the concerns of jacking attached to it are the thorn and the person who is getting a rose will get the thorn free of cost and one needs to be careful of all the thorns attached with the thorn rather than being afraid of the thorns and not buying the rose. So, one needs to be very careful of the crypto-jacking and the companies, as well as the enforcement agencies, are working in a closed-loop to take care of the concern like the crypto jacking.