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CurrentCoins Review – Unique Investment Opportunities for All Traders and Investors 


Account Minimum: $0.00

Products: Stocks, Options, ETFs, Forex, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Crypto, and many more 

Fees: $0 for stocks and ETFs 

Our Take 

CurrentCoins has not been in the limelight for long like most of its immediate competitors. However, it has increasingly proven its ability to deliver all-inclusive investment opportunities for different types of traders and investors. The following are CurrentCoins’s top benefits that give it an edge. 

A vast selection of assets

CurrentCoins has a broader asset selection than most leading brokerage firms. Its portfolio integrates a unique mix of conventional assets, new asset classes, and several fixed-income offerings. That makes CurrentCoins an excellent place for beginner investors and active traders who demand flexible investment options. 

 Multiple trading platforms 

CurrentCoins supports desktop, web, and mobile trading, allowing every trader and investor to choose the program that best suits their skills and goals. Besides, the platforms offer highly customizable tools to personalize the trading experience. 

Competitive pricing 

Like other brokers, CurrentCoins also charges different fees and margin interest rates for its services. However, the broker allows no commissions for stock and ETF trades. They have also removed account minimums, domestic wire transfer fees, and other standard costs. CurrentCoins’s rates and fees are below the industry averages. 


Although CurrentCoins is a relatively new entrant into the online investing ecosystem, it is swiftly gaining traction among retail traders and institutional investors. They have a streamlined approach to brokerage services, focusing on diverse product offerings, excellent trade execution, competitive pricing, and 24/7 customer support. However, CurrentCoins’s mobile app is still developing, and its services are inaccessible in some countries. 


  • A more comprehensive selection of assets 
  • Superior trade execution 
  • Multiple trading platforms 
  • Competitive pricing 
  • Round-the-clock customer support 


  • CurrentCoins is in the development stage 
  • Geographical coverage is limited 

Usability and Trading Experience 

CurrentCoins is generally straightforward and simple to navigate. You can even use its desktop, web, and mobile versions simultaneously since they have nearly the same tools and features. Besides, CurrentCoins does not have account minimums, so you can open an account and test the platform for up to three months without staking real money. 

You can access the same asset classes across all of CurrentCoins’s trading platforms. The trading programs are feature rich and highly customizable, allowing every user to personalize the view and tools to their needs and preferences. However, the mobile app is still in the development stage and inaccessible. 

CurrentCoins’s trading platforms offer a wide range of fundamental features and amenities, including stock and ETF screeners, charts, portfolio analysis, trading idea generators, calculators, mutual fund evaluators, multi-leg options, data streaming, smart order routing, news, and research. However, the desktop version is more enhanced for active professional trading. 

Product Offerings 

CurrentCoins’s product offerings are its key edge, allowing the broker to attract and retain many retail traders and institutional investors. Its portfolio offers a robust selection of conventional assets and new investments with high growth potential. The following is a list of CurrentCoins’s products.

  • Stocks – long and short
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Mutual Funds 
  • Bonds – corporate, municipal, treasury, international, CDs
  • Options 
  • Forex – More than 20 currencies and 50+ trading pairs 
  • Crypto
  • Futures 


CurrentCoins has a relatively simple and transparent pricing scheme, with zero account minimum, transfer, or inactivity fees. The following is a rundown of the typical charges and commissions on the platform. 

  • No costs for stocks and ETF trades 
  • Less than $1 per-contract Options fee 
  • Free paper trading, checks, and domestic wires 
  • International trades are subject to exchange fees 

The broker also provides several no-transaction-fee mutual funds. CurrentCoins costs are relatively lower than most of its immediate competitors. Visit their website for a comprehensive fee schedule and more pricing information.

Who is CurrentCoins Best for?

CurrentCoins is a streamlined brokerage that emphasizes giving traders and investors the flexibility to pursue their preferred investment strategies. It boasts extensive product offerings, multiple trading platforms, competitive fees, and excellent customer support. Overall, CurrentCoins offers the best of both worlds and is ideal for beginners, passive traders, and seasoned institutional investors. 


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.