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Customizing Men’s Wedding Rings: Things To Know 

The demand for custom men’s wedding rings is on the rise. Today, men are more conscious about what they sport or whether the wedding band reflects their beliefs, opinions, temperaments and reveal who they are. You are sure to come across all sorts of exotic rings available in the market and the handcrafted designs available today in different metals are more than attention-grabbing. 

When selecting men’s bands for wedding from Mens Rings Co, you need to pick an option that matches their lifestyle and temperaments. Despite the availability of different materials in wedding rings, you might fumble for that dream option. The wedding bands for men have undergone a sea change in terms of colors, designs, and patterns. So, when you need to customize the ring, there are a few aspects you need to handle. 

  • The court band comes with a rounded curve, both inside and outside and often considered one of the most comfortable options.
  • You may come across different profiles of wedding bands and it refers to the shape you can view when the ring has a cut at the cross-section.
  • The flat rings are diametrically opposite to the court profile featuring flat edges on different sides, resulting in geometrical shapes. 
  • The knife edge profile disintegrates the ring into two slanting parts at the center.
  • The concave ring comes with a flat profile with a dipped curve present on the exterior of the ring. 

Creating a unique ring

There is a multitude of options to choose beyond the usual metals, such as gold and platinum of you want to get for the customization options. For instance, you can get hold of metals, such as tungsten, titanium, and steel or wood and ceramic to design wedding rings that last a lifetime. You can design the wedding ring for your man in the way you want it to be, whether traditional or contemporary. 

One of the ways to make the ring attractive is focusing on the finish. Therefore, you can select from matte or brush finish or choose high polish to create a more refined look.  Apart from this, you can concentrate on hand carving and look forward to textured patterns, twists, and complicated motifs. 

Using metals or mixing metals

Among several designs of wedding rings, metal can create the highest impact. Moreover, the men’s wedding bands made from metals are sturdy can withstand the wear and tear of everyday usage. If you are in two minds about using ne metal, it is easy to switch to mixed metals. For instance, one or two metals in the outside with a wooden inlay are one of the best choices for men’s wedding rings. 

Engraving a message 

Due to the popularity of customizing men’s wedding rings, the practice of engraving a suitable message inside or outside is the way to be. Whether it is geometric or organic patterns, you can go about designing the ring is the right option. 

Previously, the shopping for men’s wedding rings was the responsibility of the groom but today, both spouses stay involved deeply for purchasing the wedding ring. So, when it comes to customizing the ring, try to look for those aspects that work for you and your partner and check the men’s wedding ring collection of Epic before making a decision.