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The CW Renews 11 Primetime Series

Everything Currently Airing, Plus 'Reign,' Will Be Returning

Overly optimistic The CW has given early renewals to 11 of its primetime series for the 2016-2017 season. The list of series pick-ups are “Jane the Virgin” (season 3), “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” (season 2), “The Flash” (season 3), “iZombie” (season 3), “Arrow” (season 5), “Supernatural” (season 12), “D.C.’s Legends of Tomorrow” (season 2), “The 100” (season 4), ‘The Vampire Diaries (season 8), “The Originals” (season 4) and “Reign” (season 4). In other words, every series currently airing on The CW, plus benchwarmer “Reign,” will be returning.

Individual number of episodes ordered of each series has not been confirmed. While renewing everything currently airing is certainly impressive, not every CW series (“The Originals” and “Reign,” in particular), was worthy of the pick-up.

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  1. I’ve heard rumors that The CW wants to start their own streaming service so maybe all these pick-ups is just inventory for that. Has anybody heard if The CW has negotiated with their affiliates about next season? When it formed, it had a ten year agreement with affiliates and this season is the last season of that agreement.

      • Also Media General when Wish lost CBS traded with Tribune to get The CW signed long term deal in Dec of 2014 MG soon to be Nexstar. Yeah last I heard with Tribune & The CW with renewal hold up is the streaming service that The CW wants.

    • Most of the smaller affiliate yes have re-signed,just Triubune needs to plus Netflix,Hulu,which CW is in talks about now.

      • Amazing the far that pervades the market and how affiliates are willing to accept night with a lead-in of less than a million viewers nationally.

        They’d do better with a Two and a Half Men re-run…

  2. While it probably deserves a chance with an actual lead in, Crazy Ex Girlfriend hasn’t really earned it’s renewal. Ditto for Jane the Virgin or the current Friday dramas. If I recall, Reign actually outdid the Vampire Diaries and the Originals’ current ratings so I don’t mind them giving it another 13. That said, I would have waited to see the Monday night results before moving forward with more episodes. I do think the 100 has earned it’s renewal this time around. It’s outdone the Originals’ Thursday ratings, albeit with a better lead in. Overall the CW has made some inroads this year. If they can get one or two more hits to spread out over the week, they will easily be the strongest these nets have seen since the network launched a decade ago.

  3. I understand renewing Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Jane the Virgin. If I was The CW I would have them share the Monday 9 p.m. hour out of Riverdale. But issuing pick-ups to low-rated dramas like The Originals and Reign is just plain insane.

    • I wonder if The Originals and Reign have been renewed for syndication purposes. And also something for them to have when (if I remember this correctly) WB and CBS team up for their live streaming service in the future.

    • Call me Old Old School, but renewing flops strikes me every time as crazy (like the Ex! 😉 )

      I could understand when networks had one show they loved and renewed in a schedule laden with hits, but today?

    • Syndication.Netflix also pays a premium for past seasons if a show reaches season four according to wiki leaks.Reign was also renewed due to CBS/WB imbalance and being non genre(Pedowitz has said multiple times he’s not taking CW all genre//superhero show all the time) and the fact if grew a little on Fri,

      • Why would Netflix pay bonuses to incentivize CW to make more episodes of flops?

        That makes zero business sense.

        Reign was renewed due to the love of flops my Mark Pedowitz and that apparently as long as he fails he keeps getting a big, fat salary…

        What a waste!

  4. Now that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has earned a renewal, I might just check it out over the summer. I was worried about getting interested in this show and then have it canceled, esp with its low ratings.

  5. Floored they renewed every show currently running. I guess that looks intriguing for Containment when it airs. They obviously can’t aire all this in the Fall cycle if they even want to pick up anything. And they have a large number of shows in development as it is.

    • I think because The CW wants to have shows for midseason & Summer why The CW renews everything even know some of the shows are very low rated to begin with like Reign, IZombie etc .

      • It also enables the CE to know for a fact it will fail again in the ratings next year. That way no false hopes, no disappointments…

  6. Laughable that 179 people chose The 100 somebody was trolling hard in that poll with a bunch of alternate accounts. Reign, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Jane the Virgin all need to be axed horrible performers on Mondays. TVD and TO combo doing better than Reign should’ve sealed its fate. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen in my life how did that trash make the air?

    This network is dead to me especially when Tribune breaks up their relationship can’t wait to hear more about these negotiations a decision should be coming up by May at the latest.

  7. I was really scared about TVD moving to Friday, the show is was better without Nina Dobrev. While I live her as an actress, the show revolved too much about the live triangle. I binged this season a week before the winter finale and could not stop watching. Glad it was renewed.

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