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Data Analysis

Data Analytics is the need of the hour for every business that is established or any business that wants to thrive; it is a complete solution to manage, transform, classify and process data. Now a day every giant tech company needs a considerable amount of data for many purposes like predicting customers’ behavior over a period of time, analyzing company’s performance, comparing their performance with other competitors and forecasting estimated future revenue, analyzing a websites` performance, several visitors on a website etc. and without data and its processing they are likely to cease their existence, but this data game is not so easy first of all its very time-consuming. It requires experts only to sort out the data.

OVHcloud is an internet company or an answer to all the questions related to data, be it data processing, data scraping, data cluster, data storage and data management. Under the umbrella of data analytics, you get all these quality services that are more likely to help you grow your Pre-existing businesses or a newly launched setup. This company is all set to serve you. This company is better than other similar companies because OVHcloud has come all the way to do the customers with best for this, they have organized a strategy in which data has to cover its standard journey in 4 steps which are:

  1. Importation: Wherever your data comes from, whatever its source is, it may be in different forms like documents, media, and backups. It is gathered in batches.
  2. Storage and Data lakes: Unlimited, and all types of data is stored in our storage products and databases. It’s like a lake of data. You can fill as many buckets as you want.
  3. Analytics: Very efficient tools like Apache Hadoop for big data solutions and Apache Spark for data processing are deployed to enhance and harness the potential of your data.
  4. AI & Machine learning: Artificial intelligence makes very accurate predictions. With the help of machine learning, future outcomes are entirely predictable by analyzing the past data; it’s straightforward for AI to forecast the things like revenue in no time.

Data analytics is a big thing. It’s not as simple as the name suggests. It’s somehow typical and divided into different categories. For this, we have categorized our services into three types of data analytics, so the clients are free to choose just one service, two services or the entire package without any restrictions

  • Data Collector: This tool collects all your real-time data in any format coming from any source in no time and replicates it without affecting your production.
  • Big Data cluster: For this Hadoop, Big data cluster tool is there to help you. It is designed to simplify your process that too in a short time of under an hour; OVHcloud big data solution is efficient for many uses like market analysis, business intelligence, IoT and preventive maintenance.
  • Data Processing: OVHcloud provides the services of the magical tool Apache Spark cluster that takes no time to operate and give you the results just in minutes. It will retrieve, transform or classify your loads of data without affecting your production.

The price for this type of service is very reasonable and probably the best among all competitors. It starts from just 11 pounds per month for Memory (RAM) and 41 pounds per month for Processor. OVHcloud is not just limited to data analytics. Still, it is a tech giant which offers almost any digital service you would probably ask for, e.g., Storage, network, Databases, orchestration, AI, machine learning and project management as well.