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DateWare Company

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DateWare White Label platform is a well-established company dedicated to providing sites and building platforms for enhancing online interaction and social networking. DateWare Online Platform offers the most unique and excellent ways for webmasters, startups, affiliate merchants, and established businesses to create a flourishing community through sharing content, online courses, and subscriptions. At DateWare, their professional team is committed to providing you with the best features to integrate into your site and tools to develop and grow your website.

DateWare Features

  • Social interaction and networking

Getting started on the DateWare platform is easy and enjoyable since you can connect your network and users signed up to your site to popular social network platforms and grow your user experience. This platform allows you to log in using a personal social media account, making it easier to fill out the signing forms quickly and efficiently. This helps eliminate the long process of filling out the forms in one single step by logging in with your Facebook account, confirming access to your account, and within a short time, your account is set and ready. Members of your site will also be able to log in to your platform through their social media accounts

  • Easy platform access

The account creation process in the DateWare platform is straightforward and does not require any special or technical skills to sign up for the platform. This makes it easy for any person to join the platform and benefit from its various services. The platform is well-designed and tailored to meet your needs. DateWare features will allow you to build your social network and engage with your audience in less than one business day. When you create your network, you can customize and interact with your online community in the best way possible. You can set up an account and begin creating new sites by following these steps:

  • Signing up to generate or create an account

  • Begin creating new sites after signing up

  • Customize your site design, complete contact details, edit default policies and add SEO metatags

  • Set up business logic, add pricing and select payment packages

  • Use the dashboards to keep track of your project performance

  • Approve images uploaded on the site by users

  • Learn to use reporting section by analyzing the revenue, conversion and audience reports

  • Learn how the billing section works

Other features include:

  • SEO Optimization

DateWare provides an extensive range of features, including integrated SEO (search engine optimization) designed to transform and modify your website into a platform that ranks in the first search results.

  • Multiple currency payments

This platform features a variety of payment solutions across different international currencies. It’s an excellent platform that offers an extensive range of card types for your business, including Master Card, VISA, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, and Discover. 

Advantages of the DateWare platform

  • Customer support

Creating an account and working with the DateWare Company will enable you to obtain high-quality services and 24/7 customer support from a dedicated professional team. The team is always ready to provide solutions to the problems you might be facing while creating your site on the platform. They offer reliable, quality, and quick responses to your inquiries at any time of the day, seven days a week. They provide the best customer service experience, advice, and ways to get the best value from using the services provided in the platform.

  • Unique design

DateWare’s best services will allow you to build a new site and customize it with an extensive range of unique templates available on the site. This means you will have various design options to make a unique look for your platform. The numerous templates available on the site are entirely customizable to create an exclusive feel and look. DateWare Online Platform lets you control your chosen design, enabling you to customize the various background images and colors. It’s an excellent platform that allows you to select a unique template that best suits your type of network.

  • Monetization options

Another benefit of utilizing the DateWare services is turning your site platform or social network into a growing online business through the advanced E-commerce Module available of the DateWare dating and online platform. This module feature offers pay-as-you-go options while including a flexible system of internal credits and one-off payments. DateWare includes all the other primary payment methods linked to the platform.