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DC: Jon Jones Should Not Be Paid What Conor McGregor makes

Former UFC champion and current ESPN commentator, Daniel Cormier, doesn’t believe that the promotion should pay Jon Jones as much money as Conor McGregor is paid for every fight.

DC feels that Jones deserves an ample amount of money for his next potential fight against UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou, but it can’t be as high as McGregor’s. This is because the Notorious is the biggest star of the UFC, and Jones is not.

DC did not shy away from giving his honest opinion about Jones, with whom he has shared a heated rivalry since he was active.

While speaking to Ariel Helwani on the DC and Helwani podcast, Cormier said: “Does Jon Jones make what Khabib makes? If Khabib makes $8 million to $10 million, yes. But I don’t believe he should make what Conor McGregor makes.

“I do believe that Conor McGregor, there should be a difference in the pay scale because of what he has meant to the company,” he added as quoted by Essentially Sports.

Jones is training to make his heavyweight debut. He recently vacated his light heavyweight crown to move up a division. This is because Bones felt like the division wasn’t challenging for him anymore.

The LHW title now belongs to Polish superstar Jan Blachowisz. He succeeded Bones after overwhelmed Domonick Reyes in the title fight at UFC 253 in September 2020.

Jon Jones wants to be paid more than $10 million for the Ngannou fight

The former two-time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion has shown a lot of interest in taking on Francis Ngannou after the latter knockout out Stipe Mioco lately to get the gold.

But the issue that may hold the UFC fans from seeing the dream fight between The Predator and Bones is money. Jones has demanded the UFC to pay him more than $10 million for the fight.

He doesn’t see eye to eye with UFC President Dana White and this is likely to affect their argument on the prize.

Jone Jones has been packing on weight for the last few months since he announced ditching the LHW strap for the heavyweight division.

Not only Jones but Ngannou has also shown that he is keen to meet Jones in the octagon soon. He even turned down an opportunity to fight Boxing legend Tyson Fury so that he can focus on finishing Jones first.

Daniel Cormier confident that the $10 million deal will be sealed

Speaking about Jones’ demand for the big paycheck, DC seemed okay with his former rival.

DC said: “But in the $8 million to $10 million range? I think that works. I believe with 100% certainty, (the UFC) would give (Jones) $10 million to show up and fight Francis Ngannou”

He concluded: “I believe that. And that’s him getting his money. Because he’s never made $10 million before to show. He said he makes $5 million, right? So if he makes $5 million, then you’re doubling what he makes to go and fight Francis.”