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Deal and Deals is the Top Selling Partner for Capital Smart City Islamabad

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Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City Islamabad is the initiative to Smart City projects introduced in Pakistan. It is included in the list of all major residential projects. It’s one of the amazing housing projects that will be the first of its class not only in Islamabad but also in Pakistan. Because of its smart features, it has quickly become one of Pakistan’s most successful residential complexes. This is Asia’s fourth Smart City initiative, and the first in Pakistan. It has become the most popular residential scheme in record time due to its modern development and distinctive characteristics. Furthermore, it was determined that Capital Smart City was one of the finest investments for both national and international Pakistanis.

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Capital Smart City NOC

The legitimacy of any property is the primary concern of all investors. This housing society catches a huge number of investments because its Non-Objectionable Certificate (NOC) is approved by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). And also, its owners and developers include an association between Habib Rafiq (Pvt) and Future Holding Developments, which build up a positive impact of this project.

Location and Map of Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City’s location is favorable to make an investment. It is located next to Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, near to M-2 toll plaza and Thalian Interchange. It falls on the eastern route of CPEC and just a few minutes away from Islamabad International Airport. It can easily be accessed in the near future via the Main Chakri road from the M-2 Motorway and via the ring road.

Access Points

The main Chakri Road from M-2 motorway provides easy access to this Smart City of Islamabad. The National Highway and Lahore-Islamabad Motorway are very easily accessible. It will have its own interchange, accessible via Frontier Works Organization-approved highway.

Total Area

The Smart City covers a total area of 55,000 Kanal. In comparison to its adjacent settlements, it is ten times larger. This housing society is going to be one of the largest and smartest of all. The overall plan was just preliminary till now. It will, however, be enlarged in the near future.

Capital Smart City Master Plan

The Capital Smart City master plan of this project was created by a Singapore-based design firm. Capital Smart City provides affordable housing options. It provides a diverse range of housing possibilities based on density. It includes the following:

  • Medium Density (10 Marla to 2 Kanal)
  • High Density (5 Marla)
  • Farm Houses (4 to 8 Kanal)
  • Shared Villas

Capital Smart City Islamabad Payment Plan

Plots in Capital Smart City are available and easily accessible at an affordable cost with a flexible payment plan. Without causing any financial strain, it is affordable to most of the residents providing a variety of selections. The charges of plots for sale vary accordingly and greatly depending on their sizes, blocks, and plot classifications, but they are all accessible on the same 3.5-year payment plan. The Capital Smart City Islamabad payment plan is as follow

  • 10% booking
  •  Confirmation
  • 12 quarterly installments

A 5% discount is given on a 50% payment and a 10% discount on full payment for all plots.

Amenities of Capital Smart City

State of the Art Infrastructure:

Capital Smart City is working to develop a sustainable transportation system that will provide a network for road users, pedestrians, cyclists, and other people who require mobility. The society will implement a a state-of-the-art transport infrastructure with greater efficiency.

High-quality Road Infrastructure:

To ensure optimum development, the roads and other infrastructure are built with a high level of professionalism and equipment. The major boulevard and streets are large and expanded, giving the area an attractive appearance.

24/7 Electricity, Gas and Water:

Capital Smart City Islamabad prioritizes the availability of electricity, water, and gas, which will be provided to all sectors 24 hours. This Smart City is superior to the other societies in the region because it is naturally endowed with natural resources, the most important of which is the presence of underground water.

Luxurious Facilities in Capital Smart City

Comfortable & Quality Living:

The society is built in such a way that it produces a resilient social environment in the region, allowing people to live in a beautiful and serene setting while also allowing the society to grow as a business, residential, and recreational centre.

Individuality & Custom:

With new landmarks being built in the society, as well as new religious and cultural centres, Capital Smart City will become a trademark of originality and heritage for both foreign and local visitors.

Eco-Friendly Environment:

The society is designed in such a way that natural resource conservation is prioritized and that natural areas in the surrounding areas are not affected, resulting in Capital Smart City becoming a society where inhabitants may actually feel peace and tranquility.

Services of Capital Smart City

Job Opportunities:

By becoming the region’s first commercial centre and enticing foreign corporations and investors to invest in the spectacular housing project, the housing society will benefit its people. It will also contribute to Pakistan’s economic situation by creating a variety of commercial and service industry job possibilities.

Resource Management:

The master plan for Capital Smart City is designed in such a way that the society’s infrastructure is developed to complement the natural elements of the city while remaining as environmentally friendly as feasible. One of the most important features of this revolutionary housing design is the integrated modern solid waste management system, as well as enough water and electricity supply.

Secure Community:

A housing society requires a sense of security. A gated community provides security. People are protected by a security system that includes properly installed CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment that is operational 24/7. In addition, to ensure a high level of safety, the society will be surrounded by a boundary wall with a foolproof system.

Recent Developments in Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City Islamabad is presenting a significant increase in its development. People are becoming more interested in purchasing plots of this land. The growth rate is frequently visible. Golf fans are especially interested, as it is possible to play a standard-18 golf course there. Later on, the site will be transformed into a hotel with resorts. The MOU was accepted by the National Defense University for the development of Education unit. The earlier stage of development is near to its completion. The water supply demands of the residents are met by four tube wells. A total of 200 pieces of machinery have been purchased for the project.

Why Capital Smart City?

It combines a premier location, deluxe amenities, eye-catching facilities, a secure environment, and a flexible payment plan into one package. All of this is offered in one location which provides a suitable environment to start living. The investment and business potential are also quite promising, which adds to the project’s advantages. Capital Smart City have a variety of reasons to invest in.

Smart Environment

The ambience of society is environment friendly. It has the key protection of natural resources to make an ultimate life possible. All of the surroundings are guarded by natural features to the peaceful and healthy survival of the inhabitant.

Smart Housing

Ensuring a comfortable and high quality of housing, this society ends up with a resilient social culture. To provide a peaceful living, the residents will be facilitated with many leisure interests. An advanced network of transportation system is also a plus point of this mega project. 

Smart Economy

This housing projects opens up a door for a lot of job opportunities. Enriched with outstanding chances for the residents, this society offers foreign investors to invest in this outrageous enterprise. It also aspires to create a variety of work possibilities in the commercial and service sectors in order to contribute to Pakistan’s economy.

Investment Opportunities at Capital Smart City Islamabad

The society is being built for more than just providing a place for individuals to invest or live in. Although, it aims to improve the living standards of people who need upgrading, it is based on such trends that allow residents to enter new realms of perfect living. Also, it is a destination with diverse investment opportunities, as it is covering a massive area the land. There are a lot of investment options offered by this Smart City. Affordable payment plan and huge selection of plot sizes, it is a finest option to make an investment.

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