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Defense Faced When Arrested for Driving While Drunk

A lot of car accidents that occur are due to drunk driving. In most cases accidents caused to drunk driving are not always intentional and are mostly a result of poor decision making. However, once arrested with charges of driving under influence, you will need an attorney to present your case to make you understand that such an act doesn’t make you a bad person and the mistake can be rectified with correct procedure. These DUI attorneys understand the consequences of such a charge on your personal and professional lives. understand the consequences of such a charge on your personal and professional lives. Therefore, they present your case with the intention to clear the environment by narrating your side of the story and plan strategies accordingly to save you from the DUI conviction. 

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Consequences of A DUI Conviction

The penalties to be faced due to a DUI conviction ranges from case to case depending whether it was your first offense or if you have caused injuries or harm to other people or property or not. Then you will have to undergo a breath test. However, you can also refuse to give a breath test as per your legal rights. In that case, you will be asked to do a blood test to determine the alcohol level in your body. As a consequence, your license can also be revoked according to the laws of your country. Commercial drivers may also lose their commercial driver’s license permanently in a DUI case. 

For first time offenders the basic consequences are fines and fees, jail time or loss of license. The charges are much more severe and might vary person to person depending on the nature of the act and other factors involved at the time of arrest. If you are accompanying a minor, have caused serious injuries to someone or have killed an individual, the charges get increased significantly. This is where you need an effective DUI defense system to protect you from the grave consequences, including finding the best bail bond company Dayton Ohio.

Understanding Other Aspects Related to A DUI Conviction

One common query faced by people convicted under DUI is whether or not you have to take the sobriety test on the field itself. You can refuse to take the test on spot and there is no penalty for doing so since this right is lawfully protected under your legal rights. You might be arrested while driving under influence but nobody can convict you for refusing to take the test. 

Your license is also revoked only when you are convicted under a DUI charge or if you have violated any of the state’s implied consent laws. However, you can still continue to drive even if your case is pending. 

How Long Does a DUI Conviction Stay on Records?

The DUI defense team is primarily concerned with not letting you get convicted in the first place. However, a drunk driving conviction is usually always on the record since DUI cases cannot be struck off from your driving records except in rare exceptions. You can always contact a good defense team to find out more details regarding your conviction. 

Need of a Good DUI Defense Attorney

It may be difficult to face a DUI conviction for all the consequences and impacts it poses on your personal and professional life. However, it is not difficult to find a good lawyer to present your case and save you from the trauma. Shepherd & Long, P.C have an excellent track record of managing and offering solutions in case of a DUI conviction. Over here, you can directly work with an attorney to find the best possible solution. Therefore, a good DUI Defense team is very necessary to save from situations caused due to drunk driving.