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DEGIRO Customer Service Analyzed

When you’re choosing a broker, there are several important factors you should consider: instruments, trading conditions, fees, withdrawal methods, security, and so on. However, there’s another factor that often gets overlooked: customer service quality. It’s very important as well: after all, customer support may quickly solve your trading issues to save your profits or ignore you, leading to losses. DEGIRO is a broker that’s known for exceptional customer service, but is that deserved? Let’s find out.

DEGIRO overview

Founded in 2008, DEGIRO is a reputable Amsterdam-based investment company that’s been serving as a broker since 2013. It has managed to become one of the largest brokers in Europe, and now it is very popular among both professionals and novice retail investors. The broker is well-regulated: all its financial services are closely monitored by FCA and national regulators: AFM and DNB. This means it is very secure and can be trusted with your money, and there’s also an insurance mechanism.

DEGIRO is mostly known for its competitive fees and a wide choice of available trading instruments: it features shares, ETFs, currencies, bonds, options, and futures. The commissions are especially low if you’re investing in popular European bonds, so you can really save a lot of money. The broker allows you to start trading with just $1, and that’s why it doesn’t have demo accounts: just invest a small sum and practice all you want without taking on any serious risks.

The broker is known to be very novice-friendly. It has an extensive selection of training videos that can teach you how to use various financial instruments as well as educational materials on fundamental or technical analysis. However, it’s especially well-known for its reliable customer support. But why does the DEGIRO customer service get so praised? Are all those positive comments online true?

Customer service analyzed

DEGIRO supports all the native languages of the 18 European countries it operates in, so you can tell the customer support service about your problems without any language barrier. You can call or send an email, and the response time is very short: most of your complaints will be addressed right away to allow you to return to trading without any delays. However, there’s no online chat here, and you simply can’t contact the customer support during non-working hours: the service is 8/5, not 24/7.