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Desktop Computer vs Laptop: Which is Best?

Planning to buy a computer but confused in making a decision whether you should go for a desktop or a laptop. However, the criteria for the selection depends on what fits your needs.

Typically there was a concept that a desktop is more powerful than laptops. However, laptops are very popular because now laptops come with portability as well as power. LaptopTheory shares an interesting comparison that helps you decide what you should get. And the price range for many laptops is under $500. More specifically, choosing the Best Laptop for Engineering Students is another consideration.


If a user wants portability then, of course, what comes in mind is the Laptop. It is the best option with solid performer hardware. Many companies launch a lot of options with different hardware and features. The laptop has all the necessary hardware keyboard, mouse pad upon the motherboard within a compact size. Plus, the best part you can fit a laptop in an easy to carry bag.

On the other hand, Desktop does not offer that level of portability that you get with a laptop. If a user wants to move from one place to another with his/her workstation (Desktop) it is very difficult. And the reason that the components such as a keyboard, mouse, LCD, and CPU are larger in size and so difficult to move around.

So the decision is yours but if you are kind of a person who is mostly on the go then a laptop is absolutely the ideal choice for you. However, with Desktop you will get more power with a low budget and a more suitable choice if you work from home.


If we discuss processor performance so Laptop offers less performance as compared to Desktop. But some rarely model of processor also delivers similar performance to Desktop.

Desktop unit performance is impressive due to laptop. And the reasons for these differences are processor size and power consumption. One more thing, the latest model of any processor firstly comes with Desktop in the market.


If you have no issue to spend hard-earned money then a laptop is the best pick for you. Laptops are more costly and the same goes for its up-gradations as compared to a Desktop.

On the other hand, desktop computers are significantly cheaper than laptops. You will get a very good value for your money like by just spending a few hundred dollars you will get a more powerful desktop if we compared it with a laptop at the same price.


Storage is an important part of any workstation for system software, applications software, and storing all types of content. And if we look at storage space in any laptop it holds a single storage device. Now many types of storage space are in the market if users want to add any other type of this, the only option is available to replace this.

On the other hand, most Desktop computers are able to hold multiple storage drives at a time. To install multiple storage drives you will find many ports attacked to the board. Its storage enhancement is very easy as compare to Laptop and also cost-effective.

RAM (Random Access Memory):

Both Gaming Laptops and Desktops enable the users to extend the memory size however here keep in mind there are also some laptops that come along with soldered with the motherboard and cannot be extended especially Mac laptops. So while selecting a laptop you must be careful.

Compared to Laptops, Desktop computers provide the flexibility to install additional memory as per your requirement and it’s easy and less costly.


The laptop has preinstalled with Microsoft Windows 10 OS system, Mac OS, and some other Application software.

A pre-made option is also available in the Desktop version but this is much costly as care to which individually buy parts and build your customized PC. Although in pre-made desktop version system software, application software and antivirus applications are preinstalled.

Screen Size:

In Laptop maximum screen size 17 inches is available in the market. Moreover, users can boost visualization to connect external display devices with VGA or the HDMI ports.

With a Desktop, workstation it’s up to you which size or type devices to pair for display. The attached display device with the Desktop unit is useless then the user can purchase a new one and replace it easily. Another hand in a laptop to resolve this issue is costly.

After buying a brand new laptop and later some time you need to upgrade a Laptop according to your next level requirements. In laptops usually, two components memory and storage can be replaced. So besides RAM and storage, a need to upgrade any other components simply means buying a new laptop.

In Desktop versions up-gradation with the addition of new hardware or replace old hardware with new ones both are easily available. With these advantages, its up-gradation is also cost-effective and easy as compared to Laptop up-gradation.

Power Usage:

The laptop uses less power and has the ability to store the power in its battery. This stored power is used at that time when unplugging your laptop.

The desktop required power every time and this also consumes more power as compared to Laptop.

Final Words

In the end, the selection of the device totally depends on your needs. Like just take the case of students. As the students usually need high portability as they have to carry the laptop along with them for preparing projects or deliver the presentation. So a laptop will be a great choice for them. Now companies like Micro Center can help you to decide- laptop or desktop which one is suitable for you.

On the other hand, if you don’t care about portability and looking for a machine for gaming then the desktop is capable of using high powered GPU. Even more now you can use more than one GPU with a single desktop. Thus a desktop yield better performance for gamers as compared to laptops.  So, if you’re still looking for Portable Gaming Monitor options, then check out the wide collection of monitors available at “Desklab”. These types of monitors will easily make it one of the popular choices among people that are looking for a sultry lightweight and super responsive gaming monitor.

So if you are confused between Desktop or Laptop the above factors will help you to decide what is best for you.