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Developers: Top Skills You’ll Need in 2021

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Today’s modern business climate has encouraged organizations to undergo digital transformations.

Companies must transcend business operations and meet the evolving expectations of the modern consumer, utilizing emerging technologies to retain competitiveness and avoid losing industry relevance.

Consequently, as companies evolve, so must the individuals that work there. The modern worker must embrace a continuous improvement mentality, with a willingness to embrace new skills and practices. The year 2021 will present many opportunities for developers, who will need new skills to succeed in a technologically advancing business world.

We are witnessing rapid digitation across entire industries, where software skills are more valuable than ever before. As it already stands, 2021 will likely bring about more continual change, with companies rethinking strategies on a path to digital transformation. Companies must take calculated risks in this day and age, which can pay off in the long run. Speaking of which, the brands listed at are a good example of how top development looks like.

Companies need employers with the requisite skill set to embrace the daily gamble of the workplace. Developers must be flexible, possessing a strong software skill set.

But what skills will help digital professionals excel in 2021?

The Cloud

Businesses are shifting to cloud-based operations and remote work environments. Professionals have a great opportunity to capitalize and develop skills to be successful in this environment.

Most business operations are reserved for the cloud, where services and products are being built on public and private clouds rather than conventional infrastructures. 

There is a great opportunity for developers to embrace cloud-based solutions and learn how to operate within these environments.

Developers must understand containers and container orchestration, with the capability to develop microservices and understand mesh. Today’s computing landscape is more dynamic than ever, where it’s important to understand serverless techniques.

Thriving in a multi-cloud environment will help developers attain the agility necessary to align with organizational development models.

You must understand how to use domain-driven design and API-driven microservices. Possessing the ability to accurately design web applications on the cloud will give employers a definite competitive advantage. Containerization is a vital process for deploying scalable apps to the cloud.


Resilience is everything, where you’re measured by your ability to adjust and adapt to a continuously changing business world. Being prepared for any outcome and embracing flexibility to change will enable you to progress, rather than being restricted by a stuck mindset.

Prepare to adapt to changing circumstances, where flexibility is an opportunity for growth.

There is a growing self-taught movement that has opened many doors for people to get into coding. Freedom of opportunity allows flexible individuals to be successful, where it is an exciting and challenging time for the modern developer.

Programming Languages

By mastering multiple programming languages, you’ll be highly attractive to companies seeking qualified individuals. To be a prized organizational asset you must display a diverse set of technical expertise.

Programming languages like Python, Go, and JavaScript are on the rise, where learning how to use React.js will make you in high demand. To be in good stead with developers, you must understand how programming languages interact with cloud and software containers.

It’s essential you know the right tool for the job at hand, rather than being tied to specific languages.

Structured Query Language (SQL) will be a top skill for programmers in 2021. This will open doors to accessing and managing data in data-rich, analytical business environments.

Big data is the future, which is why SQL will retain its industry relevance. It would appear old skills are being revolutionized and applied in innovative ways.

Strategic Thinking

Thinking outside the box, beyond the everyday norm, is something which can differentiate your skillset.

A strategic focus will be invaluable, something which can elevate your career to the next level. Becoming an innovative opportunity creator is a transition that involves absorbing the world around you and identifying areas where you can bring about real change.

Even the smallest improvement in the development process can generate significant benefits for everyone involved. Strive to become a positive influence, demonstrating how you can influence your team, and from an ambitious perspective influence your whole department.