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Difference B/W Real Leather & Faux Leather

If you want to invest in a leather jacket, you usually have two choices, genuine leather, and faux leather. Both are good in different manners, but selecting the most appropriate for you should know the difference between genuine leather and faux leather. Both are flexible in wearing, providing enough coverage, and gives a stylish look. 

Sometimes it’s tough to recognize both stuff as people do not have enough knowledge about them. Today’s topic difference between genuine leather and faux leather will help you find the best option for your styling needs. We will try to give you a clear picture of both textures with their qualities that will make you comfortable in the shopping. 

What is Real leather?

Genuine leather is full-grain leather; it is prepared with the natural skin of animals like cows and sheep. It is usually a top skin and considers high-quality leather, leading to durability, style, and class. It is comparatively expensive stuff, but when you see the tag of genuine leather, it will provide you the most beautiful fashion experience. People, who have a great knowledge of the genuine leather, do not compromise on their styles and always spend with open heart and love to show their craziness towards the original material.

What is Faux Leather?

There are many names of faux leather, like artificial, synthetic, and PU leather, it is an artificial material, prepare with chemicals, and different textures. However, due to the construction method, it has a uniform pattern, making it more water-resistant than genuine leather, and it is hard in wearing. People who love to adopt new trends every year, the faux leather is good for them as they need to follow the modern and latest fashions and faux leather is good in it. 

Heading to discussing the differences, we prepare the most important properties to distinguish between real leather and faux leather. 

Physical Appearance:

The physical appearance is one of the most important things that you can feel in the first eye if you have both in front of you. Real leather is always a soft material; however, faux leather is stiff. It can easily be recognized while touching the surface of the product. The faux leather rigid look makes it more complicated even in wearing too. The genuine leather provides soft wearing, which is its attitude that people love to wear, and spending money on it. 


Due to the softness of the genuine leather, they are very comfortable in wearing; when the comparison is there, nothing can beat the solace and comfiness of the real leather. Faux leather is also suitable for wearing, but their support of other materials to make it comfortable, especially for long-wearing. People who love to taste the true solace of the fashion, never compromise on their comfort and always pay extra for the genuine leather. People who do not compromise on comfort they only rely on real leather products. 


 Maintenance of genuine leather and faux leather are almost the same; both are relatively easy to maintain. You should check the label of the product that mainly mentions the precautions and washing advice. If you are a severe lover of fashion and style, you can get some information from Google too that shows washing and cleaning secure procedures, giving advices in how the stains can remove from the surface of the genuine and faux materials.   


The genuine leather jacket is a timeless piece, and you can enjoy the same design for the decades, you need to be careful about the maintenance. People who love to wear real leather, feel proud to say that they have this product for ten years or 12 years. It shows the class of the product. Sometimes we see the same jacket will work for the second and even third generations in the family. Faux leather jackets can last for many years too, but comparatively not the decades, it is problematic from the upper surface, and finally, after years, the cracks and wrinkles appear, giving it an old look. 


 With the long-lasting properties of both materials, still genuine leather is a more valuable product than faux leather. People who are passionate about the real comfort of the genuine material know the product’s value and do not compromise on it. But on the other hand, some people feel faux leather an affordable option that they can replace after few years, and with this practice, they enjoy the latest designs and follow recent fashion trends. 


You find genuine leather jackets and faux leather jackets in various varieties; however, comparatively, natural leather is more flexible, providing a vast range of items. Here at Leather Ultimate, you can find traditional and non-traditional designs, bomber styles, black and brown color huge range and even distressed or vintage look. Regardless of the event, you can create your signature style. Faux leather makes you limited while choosing the style for your personality. However, many designs are good to go, even for all situations, but still, you feel a bit limited sometimes.

Bottom line:

After reading the whole article, you will feel which one is good for you, either the genuine leather or the faux leather. Although both the materials have their properties, if you want to go for an inexpensive option, nothing could be better than fake leather, but real leather works effortlessly when it comes to show the class. On the other hand, faux leather jacket efficiently provides 40% less amount, which is a huge cost difference, but still in the end it’s your call what you want for your style and personality. 

Both the materials have advantages and disadvantages, but comparatively, genuine leather is highly recommended in all aspects, durability, comfort, and class. If you see the affordability with warmth and maximum coverage, faux leather is the ultimate option to go for. Hopefully, our discussion will help you to find out the difference between real and faux leather, now make quick decisions for your wardrobe.