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Differences Between Blender and Mixer Grinder

A blender ( blender in Latin America) usually has a tall glass with a small base and small blades. This design of the machine allows to make mainly shakes, creams and soups, that is, to grind watery foods to make them liquid or mix food with some liquid, which allows it to flow around the blades to make the grinding. A blender is the star of smoothies, although with a more professional model, such as Ninja Mega Kitchen System or the Vitamix, which has a lot of power (1200 W) and also has the help of a pressure bar, we can also make thicker creams, such as a cream. vegetables , a frozen banana ice cream , hummus , and even sorbets and ice cream made from ice cubes.

Here is the article about mixer grinder on ObcIndia. However, the function of a mixer grinder is to speed up our time in the kitchen and facilitate the preparation of ingredients: grating, chopping, grinding, mixing. In addition, it will allow us to make nut butters, which we could not make with practically any other device.

The fundamental difference is that a mixer grinder processes food dry: grate, chop, grind, without liquids! That is, we do not use a processor to make smoothies or fluid creams (it can make nut creams, but without adding liquids). And a blender processes food as long as it flows through the blades, that is, it needs a liquidor foods that remove liquid when crushed. That is why the blender is the choice in case of making smoothies, creams, creamy desserts. With a blender we can also grind or chop dry foods such as nuts, coffee, legumes or even vegetables, but the blender does not have options for different types of cutting, as in a processor that gives us different options, thicknesses and sizes depending on the blade that we use.

What can be done with a mixer grinder?

Grate and fillet any vegetable in seconds. I said, thanks to the discs it has, we can grate carrots, beets and even cooked potatoes in an instant to make mashed potatoes. We can also fillet onions or any other vegetable, so in the blink of an eye we have large quantities of vegetables ready to use as we like.

Chop foods, such as cauliflower, broccoli or any dried fruit, until it is crumbled. In this way we can make a vegetable couscous or chop several vegetables and nuts at the same time to make a sauce, such as a pesto or rice and oat burgers like these.

Chop grains and seeds and prepare mixes and doughs to make cereal bars, raw vegan truffles or cookies.

Whip whites until stiff or make whipped cream. This work is difficult to do by hand, however with a mixer grinder you can solve it in a matter of minutes and without any effort, having the appropriate accessory that is purchased separately.

Make seed butters. Also, thanks to the diameter of its glass and the blades, we can crush any dried fruit until it has a creamy texture. So you can easily make any butter you imagine at home, be it a nut butter, a tahini, a homemade nutella or even a coconut one, if what we put is grated coconut. Being very thick mixtures, the ingredients remain on the walls of the processor and to get the butter we have to stop the operation several times during the process, to detach the dough from the walls and deposit it again on the blades. They are thick and dense creams, without added liquids (if a liquid is added it is more appropriate to make the cream in a powerful mixer).

• Ice cream and frozen fruit sorbets. You just have to put the frozen fruits in the bucket and crush until you get a delicious ice cream consistency. Combining frozen bananas with any other fruit or ingredient you fancy always works.

Dried fruit jams. Just put some dried apricots, some dates and a little orange juice to enjoy a delicious autumnal jam. Or some cherries and dates to make a fresh and delicious jam in a flash in the summer.

Sauces and vegetable. Simply put an avocado and the ingredients we want in the bucket and in half a minute we have a sauce made, or add some roasted aubergines to make in a matter of seconds.

Knead dough. If we knead the bread doughs with the processor, they will be perfectly aerated.
Sweet pate made with the mixer grinder

What are the main characteristics for choosing a mixer grinder?

Power. Not all mixer grinder are the same. The power in this case, as in a mixer, is very important. Thanks to it, we can make nut and seed butters quickly, avoiding overheating –both the seeds and the machine– of the appliance, thus saving time. Not to mention the patience required to make a butter with a low-power machine: in addition to requiring about 20 or 30 minutes of processing, it is necessary to be attentive and stop from time to time to avoid overheating the engine and spoiling it.

Quality of materials. The same, my first mixer grinder was not exactly cheap, it was a very well known brand and it also had power. However, the quality of his pieces was appalling. This is why some accessories broke very quickly and the blades became dull quickly too. So in a few months I had a beautiful machine on my kitchen counter that was functionally a disaster, so I hardly used it.

As you can see, if you like to cook at home, make your own sauces and creams, in addition to speeding up your time in the kitchen, you are going to enjoy this appliance a lot. Here is the Article about washing machines under 20000.