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Digital Media Boom: Will COVID-19 End the Cinema Industry

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The answer is no, as the cinema industry is also getting benefits from digital media. Although there are movie makers who expect huge profits with their large-scale movies, most of the industry is occupied by small to medium movies which get decent profits. Well, here is what you should know.

The Film Industry was undoubtedly one of the most successful industries worldwide with an ever-increasing audience. The craze of watching movies in the theatre was bringing huge profits to the movie makers. But, COVID-19 spelled disaster for the film industry last year in the first wave itself with the lockdown and thus shutting down the cinema theatres.

The impact of the lockdown was so brutal that the after-effects are still clearly visible in the entertainment industry. Many projects are left incomplete while the low-budget movies stopped shooting with huge losses to sustain the lockdown. 

Well, this crisis in the cinema industry gave rise to digital media consumption, mainly in countries like India. Soon after the first lockdown, the viewers and subscribers for most of the digital streaming platforms grew at a pace that broke all expectations faster than anticipated. 

Is binge-watch staying indoors the new trend?

The spike in subscribers and views across all OTT platforms like movierulz, netflix, disney+ may be one of the anticipated results of the pandemic, but none have imagined that people will find an alternative amidst this chaos. Yes, the lockdown effect is one of the main reasons, digital media is getting such a craze leaving the entire large screen experience behind.

Benefits of digital media that is dominating cinema industry

As per the recent survey, mass audience is now preferring the raw content available in digital media, probably due to the benefits like

  • Ease of access

Multiple digital movie streaming platforms like movierulz are now present on the Internet with the most compelling content, the audience was seeking. Besides, it just takes a few clicks to start streaming any chosen content at any time. Such a convenience to have all the required content at your fingertips makes the efforts to travel to the theatres feel a bit less worthy. 

On top of this, anyone can watch the movies without stepping outside the house in any weather conditions, making it an easy approach. 

  • Freedom to control

Unlike cinema theatres, one can control the content in the digital media with pause, forward, rewind, and many other options. Even the quality of the content can be controlled to a great extent with simple steps, thus giving a great user advantage.

One of the best things about digital streaming platforms is the download option using which one can get the close-to-theater experience in TVs. Besides, now that high-quality 4k and plasma TVs are available at a reasonable price, there is nothing to stop the immersive experience of the users without stepping out from the house. 

  • Affordable

Watching movies online from OTT platforms is surely cheaper than watching the same content in theatres. There are no travel expenses, extra food expenses as outer food are not allowed and mainly there are no extra expenses for the maintenance. 

All you need is a broadband connection or a simple data pack on the mobile to stream your favorite content without any inconvenience. 

  • Compatibility

Now, most of the popular platforms can stream the content on almost every device starting from mobile to large TVs. So, one can watch their favorite content irrespective of their place and time. Additionally, once downloaded, the content can be viewed at any time without the internet as well. Therefore, one can watch their favorite movies free of cost in the same high definition.

  • Time savings

All the content from the digital media platforms is available at the fingertips without needing any extra cost to access. One can save a lot of time from traveling and get the closest experience with TV.

All those benefits of digital media weren’t familiar to the mass audience a few years ago. But, as a part of the after-effects of the pandemic, that audience not only knows but also has witnessed the experience themselves thus resulting in the digital media boom. 

So, few expectations are pointing that digital media will end up in the cinema industry. But, the benefits from those platforms to both the movie makers and viewers are appreciable, so it isn’t meant to end the cinema industry, but it will surely change the environment running for decades.