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Digital Photography And Graphic Design – Rodrigo Lizarraga Believes They’re Complementary Arts

Digital photography and graphic design seem to have little in common – after all, one involves using a camera while the other is all about using a computer. So, surely it isn’t possible for them to work in harmony with each other? Yet, this is something that Rodrigo Lizarraga has managed to achieve. As a creator, he merges his graphic design work with photography and video work to create amazing art. 

“I know from my extensive background in graphic design that it’s a highly intricate art which necessitates an in-depth understanding of balance, color and composition,” Lizarraga says. “A lot goes into make a perfect image, and this is what makes it similar to digital photography as a creative discipline. So many aspects work together in photography to create the perfect shot. This is why graphic design and digital photography work so well together.”

The Alignment Of Digital Photography And Graphic Design

“Graphical elements never happen accidentally,” Lizarraga says. “It’s all about making choices and decisions. Which font, which color theme, which layout – it’s all about communicating a message effectively. When a powerful image creates a visual impact it can convey intent, emotion and mood.”

When a photo is blended with other aspects of graphic design, Lizarraga believes the medium becomes even more compelling. 

“Pairing graphic design with photography can be a vital component of branding,” Lizarraga explains. As artistic director for well-known drinks company Pernod Ricard, he knows the importance of ensuring graphic elements have the same feel and look. “Images need to align with a brand. From the logo and product shots to social media templates, it’s important that they’re recognizable consistently for the target audience, and adding photographs into graphic design concepts is the perfect way to express the brand message in the most convincing manner.” 

Graphic Designers With Photographic Skills Are In Demand

Lizarraga believes that the benefits are only now becoming realized for choosing a graphic designer to join the company team who has specialist photographic skills. 

“A photographer already has an in-depth understanding of visual balance and composition,” he says. “Photographers know how to tell a story effectively, not only by using the photo’s subject itself, but by using brightness, layout, color and tone to demonstrate mood and emotion. Of course, graphic designers understand these elements too, but with the additional input that a photographic background brings, they can truly use them to their best potential to help the brand express its message more clearly.” 

It isn’t too difficult to see why graphic designers with photography skills are increasingly in demand amongst businesses around the world. After all, images are able to break down any language barriers, allowing communication with the target audience in just seconds without any need to read text. 

“The most powerful posters, memes and websites today are all about the imagery,” Lizarraga says, “images have the power to capture the attention and remain at the forefront of your memory long after any associated text is forgotten.” 

Using These Twin Skills To Benefit Businesses

Whether in the form of a poster, webpage, brochure or banner, that art of blending graphics and text can undoubtedly make a major impact, transforming content from just a simple piece of media which is briefly scanned then overlooked into a valuable and eye-catching asset which attracts visitors, raises awareness of the brand and, eventually, converts those visitors into paying customers. 

Rodrigo Lizarraga holds the firm belief that companies can tap into this power by hiring a graphic designer who is also a skilled photographer. 

“Companies are beginning to understand that hiring a professional with these twin skills can save them time and money in the long run,” he points out. “There’s no need to hire two separate specialists. There’s no need to explain a design brief to two individuals. When companies engage someone who is already skilled and experienced in both areas, the project becomes simpler, more cohesive and more likely to succeed.” 

​He explains that, all-too-often, design work can be time-consuming due to the need to find a perfect image to suit the brand vision. However, with photography skills in combination with graphic design expertise, a professional can easily produce their own images which are not only perfect in terms of content but which are also tailored to the ideal composition and size, saving them and the company time and money overall while creating a high-quality product which is in alignment with the company’s theming and media. 

For anyone who thinks that digital photography and graphic design are two entirely separate disciplines, never to meet in the middle, Lizarraga directs them to his own Instagram page where they can see at a glance the impressive, creative and artistic results that these combined skills can bring.