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Discover Everything About Marvik, the New Moove IT Business

Software development companies have become an essential part of the operation of companies in all sectors due to the constant digitization that we are currently experiencing. Moove IT is one of these companies that for 10 years has been offering software development solutions for the needs of its clients; and they recently acquired Marvik, an amazing new business whose specialty is creating artificial intelligence software.

Artificial intelligence, also called AI, is one of the most widely used types of software these days, and although it is not a new invention of technology, more and more companies are seeking to integrate a service with AI to streamline inside operations and provide a better service to their users. Thanks to the development of technologies with AI, digital services can be as customizable as possible for the benefit of the user.

What is Marvik?

Marvik is a brand that operates among the companies associated with Moove IT, and that specializes in providing machine learning solutions so that their clients can bring to reality programs and functions that would not be possible without the existence of AI.

Through a process of identifying needs and always in close communication with its customers, Marvik’s team of expert developers is able to create useful and attractive machine learning solutions that connect effectively with the users of each company.

Moove IT’s ecosystem of operations is the best place for a brand like Marvik to grow and reach more and more companies that require its AI software development services. One of the most interesting characteristics of this company is that they are capable of creating solutions for any type of company that needs custom software development services.

Marvik has an extensive team of machine learning specialists, software developers and data scientists capable of bringing even the most incredible ideas to reality for their clients. Creating strong partnership relationships, this brand will accompany its clients during each of the stages of creating the artificial intelligence software that is required.

But, what is artificial intelligence or machine learning software?

One of the main dreams of computing has been to enable computers to analyze and carry out tasks in the same way that a human can; and although this in theory and in science fiction seems quite easy, in reality it is much more complicated.

Computers are machines capable of performing repetitive tasks without any type of problem, for this, the experts create software with which jobs can be streamlined, improve the management of a company, solve complex operations in seconds and much more; however, common software is not capable of analyzing or thinking like a human would. This is the task of artificial intelligence.

Thanks to AI, computer programs and mobile applications can analyze data, make predictions, identify patterns, offer personalized responses for each user, and more. Currently, the use of this type of software is so common that it has become part of new lives and many times we don’t even notice that we are using machine learning software.

From processes as simple as when your keyboard offers you an automatic response to a message, to more complex ones such as real-time traffic analysis, such as the service provided by Waze. Every time you enter your favorite social network and see recommendations for publications that adapt to your tastes, or when your photo app is able to recognize a face, you are in the presence of artificial intelligence software.

To develop a good artificial intelligence program, the software development and AI sectors must work hand by hand. A custom software development Company like Moove IT and a machine learning software developer like Marvik are needed to create complete programs that include AI features in their functions; and depending on the client’s needs, it will be possible to create customized digital solutions.

How can artificial intelligence benefit companies?

There are countless uses for artificial intelligence, so this type of software can be adapted to almost any type of company. Between voice assistants, such as Siri or Alexa, product or post recommendation algorithms such as those used by Instagram or Amazon, or each of the facial recognition functions that more and more apps have, the possibilities are endless.

It is becoming more and more common to see mobile platforms and applications that use this type of software to a greater or lesser extent, but really, how can artificial intelligence benefit companies?

  • Artificial intelligences greatly increase the profitability of companies by performing tasks more quickly and accurately that would otherwise take a great deal of time.
  • AI software is able to analyze its environment, find needs and provide answers to improve the way a company operates. This can be applied to the internal management of a company or to public services.
  • AIs are capable of analyzing patterns to make predictions that favor company management.
  • The automation management of AI software allows the reduction of mistakes and the tasks that a single company is capable of doing can be increased.
  • Depending on the type of business, using artificial intelligence software can allow it to take a great advantage of the competition.
  • AIs are fully customizable and companies like Marvik can design exactly the software needed to get the results you want.

The most common uses of AI

Speaking very basically, there are two uses for artificial intelligence software; internal use within a company, which advantages’ we have just mentioned, and use directed directly to user consumption.

A clear example of this are smart cars, which, through elaborate software, are able to drive through the city respecting traffic regulations without committing infractions. But of course, this is one of the most impressive examples of AI, there are others a little simpler but just as functional, like voice recognition systems.

One of the most common uses of AI in companies is in the online sales sector, where an algorithm is able to identify the tastes of users to show them products that may be of interest to them. An advantage of this is that the algorithm can be configured to specifically display certain products that the company is interested in selling.

These are just a few examples of the myriad of uses that artificial intelligence can be put to. Moove IT and Marvik are companies more than capable of creating machine learning solutions for any type of company that wants to be at the forefront.