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Distinguishing Fact From Fiction in Casino Films 

While casino movies are definitely based on the casino scene itself, it’s worth knowing how to distinguish fact from fiction in these kinds of films. With some genres it’s important to spot facts from the fiction for a few reasons – think how awful horrors would be if you couldn’t. 

And the same goes with casino movies. Films based on casinos can sometimes overly-hype or overly-simplify what happens. Imagine watching a casino film and memorizing how to play card games only to find it’s not at all how you’d play during a live game at Topp Spilleautomater

Don’t believe everything you see 

That actually brings us to our first point. The same way we learn not to believe everything we read, we can’t believe everything seen in a casino film. One example of this is in the movie “Casino Royale,” where some slick filming shows a sophisticated game of poker being played. 

Bond looks like he’s got a good hand in card games, demonstrable with an envious poker hand. However, all that’s undone when two showdowns show Bond and his counterpart with constant great hands. Removing any typical poker strategy and eliminating bluffing just wouldn’t happen in a real game of poker. 

A heist is pretty much impossible 

Before getting all riled up by the movie “Oceans 11” and starting to plot your Las Vegas heist, there are a few things you should know. Casino security in our day and age is unbelievably top-notch and has started to go digital too, meaning it’s more streamlined than ever before. 

Number plate recognition technology is now commonplace, and you’d have a hard time getting past security in a Las Vegas Casino. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop the Oceans 11 makers from creating all the ideal moments for the gang’s plot to go their way. Our advice? Stick to your daydreams. 

There’s very little to no drama in the casino scene 

Especially when it comes to the online casino, don’t expect hoards of drama to be going on in the gambling industry like you can usually find in the Hollywood movies. One of the biggest offenders of this is the movie “21.” It explains card-counting and the blackjack game technique, but it’s had some backlash. 

This casino film had received criticism for showing too much of a focus on the character drama and not enough focus on the blackjack game action. Which is a shame, because the film itself does show some good depictions of card counting and the struggles of gambling. Nevertheless, it’s worth a watch. 

You might not win all the jackpot games 

The best casino films show the duality of life and human nature. But, they’re usually a tale of triumph and hoards of winners and constant amazing blackjack hands are unrealistic – but, this is Hollywood. At the end of the day, factual or fictional, casino films are popular for a reason, and worth watching if you’re a