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DIY Tailgate the Right Way With a Jackery Portable Power Station

Do you need more power outlets to hook up your gear? Maybe the stadium or venue has a strict fire ordinance that limits your options. Either way, you might have to end your tailgating fun sooner than you want. Unless you have a Jackery Portable Power Station, of course. This generator uses sunlight, not gasoline or electricity, to power anything you plug in. It’s eco-friendly and completely safe.

You can probably use this power station even if the venue has strict ordinances, because it relies on a renewable source of energy.

Besides being eco-friendly, this power station can also enhance your DIY tailgating experience in many convenient ways.

Using a Jackery Portable Power Station for a Safe Cookout

In September of 2022, at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, 11 cars were burned down because of an unattended grill. The cars were completely scorched and had it not been for the fast response of the fire department, many more vehicles could have gone up in smoke. 

BBQing may be a tailgating staple but it can easily get out of hand in the midst of all the fun. Since power outlets are typically in short supply, many don’t think to bring along an electric grill or stove. This is the type of issue that a portable power station, like the Jackery Explorer 500, was made to solve.

Because this power supply only has to be hooked up to the independent solar panel that comes with it, you get your own set of electrical outlets to use. Electric grills and stoves do not present the serious fire hazard that traditional grills do, removing one less thing to worry about. 

Of course, that’s not all that portable power stations like the Jackery Explorer 290 can charge. Other items include:

  • TVs
  • Sound system
  • A mini fridge
  • A laptop
  • And of course, your phone

Removing Limits With a Jackery Portable Power Station

Unless you are ready to lay down several yards of extension cords, you better arrive as early as possible to the game, because otherwise you aren’t getting access to any power outlets. This can seriously damper the mood, especially when all you want to do is get there and have fun.

Instead of worrying on game day, you could always bring along something like the Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station and its two solar panels. Avoid the potential arguments with other tailgaters over who gets access to what and simply spend a few minutes setting up these solar panels and hooking up the power station to them. 

Now, you can park anywhere, even close to the exit, and get the most out of your game day experience. While most other power stations typically come with only one solar panel, this power station comes with two solar panels. 

The extra panel increases both the amount of power available to you and the speed at which it can power up your appliances. No more sharing or potential arguments over who gets access to what. Just set up your equipment and get ready to have a good time, with an easy clean-up to boot!

Setting up Your Own Custom Tailgate Party

Everyone has a dream tailgating experience, the reality is that you never usually get close to that idea because of several logistical issues. Chief among them is not having your own power station to hook everything up to. 

Not to mention that even if you did have access to all the power outlets you needed, setting everything up and taking it down would be a nightmare.

However, power stations like the Jackery Explorer 1500 Portable Power Station come with enough AC outlets, USB ports, and DC ports to hook up anything that you can offer. Plus the four solar panels that come with this power station provide more than enough juice to get your tailgating party started the right way.

As was mentioned before, you no longer have to compromise on your vision for the perfect tailgate. The best part is how easy everything is to set up. The solar panels each have an integrated kickstand that is stable and can be used on a number of surfaces.

The power station itself only weighs around 35 pounds and has a non-slip base, providing it with enough grip and stability to set up anywhere. With the solar panels fully deployed, the generator only takes around five hours to fully charge. You could also hook up the generator to a power outlet and have it ready to go in six hours.

A Jackery Portable Power Station is Dependable

Above all else, portable power stations like the Jackery 2000 Pro are reliable. They are powered by an energy source that is infinite. Beyond that, these power stations can be set up anywhere and they aren’t a potential fire hazard like traditional methods of grilling or cooking. 

Even on cloudy days, the sun’s UV rays still come through and can be used to power any of the Jackery Portable Power Stations. With setting up being so easy and quick, you are maximizing the amount of time that you get to spend relaxing and socializing which is what tailgating is all about.

Cleaning everything up is just as easy and when it comes down to it, simple. Portable power stations level up your tailgating experience in every way by addressing the issues of modern tailgating. From the potential fire hazards to the lack of power outlets.

With your own power station, you take out the complexity of tailgating but keep everything that makes it a game-day tradition. 

For the Perfect Tailgate, Use a Jackery Portable Power Station

You can have a tailgate party anywhere and at any time with a Jackery Portable Power Station. You don’t need a power outlet or long extension cords to enjoy yourself. You can forget about gasoline or other harmful materials and just let the sun power your fun with solar panels and a power station.

We here at Solar Paradise have many other solar gear options that are convenient and dependable. You can explore them and live life without limits.