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Do I Need a Support Bracket for My Air Conditioner?

When you buy an air conditioner it comes to a question about a support bracket. The question is: Do you really need a support bracket for your air conditioner? In this article, we’re going to discuss the needfulness of an ac bracket so that you can understand whether your air conditioner really needs a support bracket.

You invested a lot in an air conditioner. But without investing a little in an AC bracket, you can’t get peace of mind thinking about your window air conditioner falling out, right?  Yes!! It’s normal to think about that. Because AC’s weight is quite heavy! So, obviously, you need an air conditioner support bracket for your air conditioner.

What is an Air Conditioner Bracket For?

A light and properly installed portable air conditioner can securely sit in the wind But what about the heavy units? Most ACs are high weight and they need additional support so that they can’t fall out.

So an Air Conditioner Bracket is essential for holding the AC steadily and protecting them from falling out from the sky.

What is the best support bracket for AC?

The best support bracket for AC is that one, which is made of heavy-duty premium steel materials. But there are 4 types of AC support brackets in the market. They are the following:

  • Standard Support Brackets
  • Welded Support Brackets
  • Aluminum Support Brackets
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets

They have different support capabilities. According to your AC’s weight, you may select one among them that matches perfectly. So, let’s know about their capacity of support.

Standard Support Brackets

Standard support brackets are made of steel along with a polyester powder coating. Usually, they are quite small but strong. The screws and rivets of these support brackets are galvanized and zinc-coated. The carrying capacity of these brackets is almost 220 to 400 oz (100 – 200 kilograms)

Welded Support Brackets

Welded support brackets are very potent and can carry up to almost 400 to 551 oz (200 to 250 kilograms). They’re designed with electrostatic powder painting and phosphating. Besides, they’re also designed with an anti-corrosion feature. So, if you look for a powerful support bracket for your heavy air conditioner, then you may choose a welded support bracket.

Aluminum Support Brackets

If you want support brackets that have the capacity to carry up to 220 to 330 oz. (100 to 150 kilograms), then you may choose aluminum support brackets. Though they’re light, they’re high quality and durable as well. They can support heavy-weight AC as they’re constructed from aluminum alloy.

Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets

Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets are constructed from heavy-gauge stainless steel that ensures durability and high support capacity. So, if you want to use a safe, strong, and convenient support bracket, then you may choose stainless steel mounting brackets as the best option for supporting your heavy-weight air conditioners. They’re constructed from stainless steel sheeting. The rivets and screws of these brackets are made from stainless steel and zinc coated. The carrying capacity of these support brackets is up to 330 to 400 oz. (150 to 200 kilograms).

Will the Air Conditioner Fall Out of the Window?

Yes! The air conditioner may fall out from the window because of the two cases. If you can’t install your AC properly and another thing is that if you choose an ac that doesn’t fit your window accurately. So, to protect your AC from falling, you must have to use a heavy-duty ac support bracket.


So whether your AC is light or heavy it doesn’t matter. It will be wise to use a support bracket for all window air conditioners. Because if your AC gets old, then it likely may fall away any time later. So, as a prudent one and to get mental peace from the nervousness of fall out of the ac, you should install your AC with a support bracket. Thank you!