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Do I Need To Get Professional Patent Translations?

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If you work in a field where you work with patents, you know how important a patent document can be. However, once people have started applying for a patent, sometimes they wonder if it is worth getting a professional translation of their patent done. There are many options for getting a patent translation, so why should you choose to have a professional translation service help with your patent or patent application?

It can be difficult to navigate the patent application system and to prove a unique, new idea that warrants a patent. It might seem like a professional patent translation service is adding more cost and more steps to an already difficult task. In this blog, we are going to look at why you should consider using a professional patent translator to help smooth the process of getting a patent for your idea, whatever field you work in, whether it is medical, industrial, technology, or chemical.

Why do I need my patent translated?

When you hear the term ‘patent translator’ you might think of someone who translates an existing patent to make sure it is understood by all – investors, potential competitors, and more. However, there are a lot of stages in the patent process where translations can help. If you are applying for a patent in a country with a different primary language, all your patent application forms will need to be translated, and it can also help to have technical documentation in the right language. If you are applying for multiple patents in different locations this can mean getting a lot of documents translated into many different languages, which is where the biggest problems come up.

What do patent translators do?

Patent translators are the experts who can help with translating your documents to help give your patent applications the best chance at being accepted. Patent translators are professional linguists with relevant history and experience in the right fields to help make sure the translation is accurate. Patents use a lot of legal terminologies, so you will likely want to find a patent translator who is an expert in legal translations. This can help massively as they can also make sure that the patent application documents are properly formatted for the location where you are applying for the patent. Without this, you might find that your patent application process takes longer, as incorrect forms can take longer to process or might even be sent back.

What other translation options are there?

This is the big question when it comes to finding a translation. Most people want to find the best option for them by comparing various translation choices. So what are the options? Some of the more common choices are:

Translation programs

There has been a huge surge in technology and technological improvements over the last ten years, and linguistics has benefitted from this as well. However, translation software and translation AI algorithms are not as competent as they need to be to handle difficult specialist tasks like legal translation and patent translation. Due to the complex terminologies and the need to really put across how your invention is new and unique, a computer translation may not be good enough. Computers translate words and phrases without being able to consider the wider context, so their translations can be lacking – especially lacking in the subtle emphasis and excitement to really impress the patent office.

Friend or family help

A lot of people immediately turn to friends or family to help with translations – we all know someone who speaks multiple languages, and it can be appealing to turn to them in times of linguistic need. However, there is a good chance that these people will not have the skills, knowledge, or experience needed to properly translate a patent. Even if their translation is roughly correct, when applying for something as important as a patent, it is vital to make sure that you get the best translation you can to help with your application. Plus, a patent application can be a lot of hard work and mean a lot of translations, and it is not always fair to ask friends or family for this help.

Professional patent translators

By far the best option here, professional patent translation services exist to help make sure that people get the best translations they can, which in turn helps make their patent applications more successful. Why are these services so much better? Expert translators will have experience in the legal field to help with legal paperwork, and can also have experience in your field to make sure that they understand the patent and properly represent your invention on the translated forms – vital for making sure your patent is taken seriously. Professional patent translation services are also professionals who will keep your ideas confidential, and the best agencies offer these professionals in dozens of languages, great for whatever regions you want your patents to be valid in.