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Do I Need to Upgrade My IPAM?

As corporate technology advances, a more sophisticated network is required to keep everyone safely linked. An IPAM solution update may help you establish and maintain an inventory of your networks, subnets, and IP addresses more efficiently, as well as maintain the general health of your network’s performance. If you, do it now, you’ll be able to manage this critical aspect of your business better. Find out how to improve your IPAM system and how it may help your company in the long term by reading this article. 

Here are few reasons why do I need IPAM upgrade my (your) IPAM:

Using IPAM to Evaluate Your Existing System 

When deciding whether or not to make the transfer, look at the current system’s flaws first. Another successful technique is using bespoke scripts, spreadsheets, or some other type of methodology. Before cloud computing became critical to organizations worldwide (and before many devices were required per user), multiple devices were not required per user. Upgrade to a better IPAM solution for various reasons, from improved dependability to increased overall efficiency. It’s time to make a move if you’re experiencing any of the following: 

Human error is on the rise, and it’s causing havoc. 

If your network has fewer geographical locations, IP address management spreadsheets may work. However, as your network grows, IPAM spreadsheets become too challenging to administer. It’s not just that multiple users and complicated configurations can cause your spreadsheet to be inaccurate; it could also put your network at risk if you’re trying to enforce naming conventions and keep IP planning in sync with both your DNS (Domain Name System) and the DHCP server. Version control (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). 

It’s challenging to keep track of security threats. 

Is there a way to identify an outside agent who uses a fake IP address to seem to be a member of your network? Cyber-security risks may be pinpointed and troubleshot considerably more quickly if you have a reporting system that gives real-time insight over-utilized and unused IP addresses. 

Administrative tasks take an excessive amount of time. 

Spreadsheets and other tools have inherent limitations, such as a lack of automation or a small user base. To cut down on administration time, you should look at IPAM solutions that allow delegation, speed up processes, and provide automated real-time updates. With a system that provides a single source of truth and global visibility into the whole network, you can save time and money. 

There are plans for increased network size. 

More IP addresses and other network resources are required as your network expands. As your team and network management systems grow, network automation will become increasingly desired. You’ll need a more efficient IPAM solution for managing your network’s IP resources, whether you’re growing to finish short-term initiatives or investigating total digital transformation. 

Make the Switch to an IPAM Solution for the Enterprise 

You may control many critical network components at once and monitor daily network activity with a unique corporate IPAM, which serves as a repository for your digital inventory.