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Do You Need A Cover Lifter?

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Surely you have already thought about whether you need a cover lifter? After all, you can easily lift the cover off your hot tub, you don’t need a separate structure for this.  But this is a heavy accessory, which is hard to move on and off your hot tub. Why should you buy a cover lifter?

Easy Usage Of The Cover Lifter

One of the best reasons to buy a cover lifter is the ease of Use. Hot tub covers can be heavy and cumbersome to remove and replace, especially for one person. If you have elderly relatives who use your hot tub regularly, then a cover lifter is a good investment. This makes this process much easier by assisting in lifting and storing the cover. We know you’re strong, but if you can make things easier, why not?

If You Are Using The Hot Tub Often, You Should Buy A Cover Lifter

The frequency of use of your hot tub can make you buy a cover lifter. If you use your hot tub frequently, a cover lifter can save time and effort each time you want to access the tub. Lifting the cover every day is a good workout, but we recommend that you find a different way of training.

Protect Your Hot Tub

Using a cover lifter can help prolong the life of your hot tub cover by reducing wear and tear that can occur when manually removing and replacing it. Our goal is for you to use all Wellis accessories for a long time, so we recommend using the cover lifter.

Types of Cover Lifters

There are several types of cover lifters available, each with its own set of features:

  1. Manual Cover Lifters: These are the most common and affordable. They require some physical effort but significantly less than lifting the cover without assistance.
  2. Hydraulic Cover Lifters: These use gas springs or hydraulic systems to make lifting the cover nearly effortless. They are ideal for those looking for maximum ease of use but tend to be more expensive.
  3. Shelf Cover Lifters: These allow the cover to slide off the hot tub and rest on a shelf beside it. They are simple to use but may require more space.

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