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Document360 Review — Enjoy a Hassle-Free Knowledge Base Management

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The ongoing pandemic expedited changes in consumer behavior and expectations. With customer service executives working from home and people buying online, a lot of focus has shifted to customer self-service.

A self-service knowledge base software is a key part of that transformation. Investing in a knowledge management tool will help you provide real-time self-help information to customers. And in this post, we will be reviewing one such knowledge base SaaS — Document360.

More on Document360

Document360 is an all-in-one SaaS knowledge base platform that simplifies the process of knowledge management and documenting comprehensive business information (manuals, instructions booklets, FAQs, articles, etc.) for your products and services. You also have access control for these as you choose from internal use or external distribution.

Looking at customer reviews on sites like G2, Document360 is considered the best knowledge base software for small and big businesses alike as it offers writing capabilities that are easy, effective, and highly customizable. You may host and manage multiple project documents, allow numerous authors and editors to contribute, and monitor analytics.

In all, Document360 provides you with a hassle-free knowledge base management experience that can work wonders. And since you do not need any technical experts to run and manage this tool, it offers a cost-effective way to quickly start creating a knowledge base for your customers and internal teams.

A Hassle-Free Knowledge Management Experience, Guaranteed!

A successful SaaS helps save time and cost with a range of features to simplify your everyday tasks. Document360 can unlock the door to efficiency for your business by offering a more simple and hassle-free knowledge management experience. 

Let us check out how!

Easy editing

You get the markdown editor Document360, allowing writers to input data on the left and get a preview (simulation) of the on-page view on the right side, thanks to its split-plane editor. Authors with all-level access can benefit from this feature as they do not need advanced technical expertise or training.

Moreover, you get the built-in snippets enabling users to take notes, heed warnings, and style their documents properly the way they want.

Multiple knowledge bases

If your business has multiple products that require their respective knowledge bases, it is possible to create them on a single platform using Document360. It supports numerous projects or documentation websites so that you do not have to look anywhere else when your product list expands. This scalability ensures efficiency, as authors need not switch between different solutions.

Version control and history

Businesses hosting dynamic knowledge bases will need to monitor changes to articles. Document360 features an integrated version control capability that helps roll back updates. This feature can get you to the previous version and check the updated information.

Hold your writers and editors accountable for changing knowledge base articles as Document360 keeps track of previous versions. Additionally, the difference viewer makes it easy to see the changes across versions. 

Category Management

You can use Document360’s article hierarchy feature that makes it easy to navigate the relationship between many articles in your knowledge base. Consider it as a folder that holds a collection of linked files. 

Therefore, it is easy to find the information you need; thanks to the categories and subcategories it offers. Depending on your needs, you get to arrange your documentation into a six-level category hierarchy. 

Smart Search

You know how Google predicts your search when you enter the first alphabet. Similarly, Document360 supports fast search and in-article-search to let users jump into the information they seek. 

When you run a search query into the search box, it will search the entire database. As a result, you can get to see all articles, notes, and knowledge bases immediately that help find answers right away. 

Advanced interface customization

Document360 lets you display your knowledge base the way you want with its advanced customization features, including a custom domain map and landing page.

You can have your company’s logo, design, and colors blend into the knowledge base to offer a more cohesive user experience. For this, you can tailor the look and feel by adjusting the user interface’s colors, fonts, and layouts. You can customize the header and footer navigation and the logo/favicon to suit your requirements.  

Organized assets

An organized knowledge base is where everyone responsible for it ensures all the information, pictures, charts, and videos are readily accessible.

For this, Document360 comes with a Drive to help keep your knowledge base assets in place. With this, you can keep track of all your files in one place, making sure there aren’t any duplicates.

Integration and extensions

Many businesses use multiple tools that often work in silos, bringing down productivity. But that’s not the case with Document360. With this, you get to integrate several enterprise-level products and extensions, making it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. 

It is better to connect your knowledge base with either of the following attachments to ensure delivering 360-degree support to your customers: 

1. Helpdesks — Zendesk and Freshdesk

Helpdesk integration makes it easy to navigate customer queries from customer support executives to knowledge bases. You can Integrate Document360 with customer service ticketing systems like Zendesk and Freshdesk for seamless information access.

2. Chatbots with Intercom and Olark

If you wonder whether Document360 can take care of your chat support, it has you covered. You can generate automated responses by integrating them with functions offered by Intercom and Olark.

3. Crowdin translation services

Document360 helps increase the reach of your knowledge base as multiple language support means catering to a wide audience base. Apart from the manual and machine translation services by Document360, you have integrations with translation systems like Crowdin. 

4. Commenting with Disqus

You can make your knowledge base articles more interactive by offering customers a space to share their opinion. For this, you can integrate Disqus, an innovative commenting platform with Document360 that helps collate client feedback. 

5. CRO with Hotjar and Freshmarketer

Integrating a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) service like Freshmarketer and Hotjar is possible with Document360. Such a powerful combination can help you increase the number of visitors that convert to your knowledge base.

6. Google Analytics

You can adopt analytics tools like Google Analytics that help get real-time insight into user activity. For instance, you can know how your users utilize your knowledge base, what articles they access the most, and their demographics by using Google Analytics with Document360.

7. Browser extension with Chrome

You get one-touch access to your knowledge base from any Chrome browser tab. This makes searching and looking up your articles easier and faster.

8. Collaboration using Teams and Slack

Never let your customer care representatives leave their Slack or Microsoft Teams with a robust integration with the Document360 knowledge base. This way, you will boost the department’s productivity and expedite customers’ queries faster. 

Competitive Pricing

A complete SaaS package offers value for money. And Document360 does not disappoint you in this aspect as well. You have multiple packages to choose from — Startup, Businesses, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus. Note that you have a 14-day free trial with every price plan you select.

Time to check out each of their price bands to make a sound decision.  

Startup plan

Small businesses and startups can test the waters with this $99/project plan that offers two team accounts. This subscription provides you 50GB storage, unlimited articles publishing, and revisions coupled with a range of other features. 

Business plan

If you are already using any documentation tools or your knowledge resource repertoire is large and wide, choose this plan. This will cost $299 but offers ten team accounts, two knowledge bases, analytics, power to create public and private knowledge bases, and other amazing features. 

Enterprise plan

This one is meant for large corporations with a plethora of information spread across teams working from every corner of the world. Large enterprises can opt for this $499 plan offering 15 team accounts, two knowledge base versions, IP restrictions, language localization, and ticket deflectors, amongst other features. 

Enterprise plus

This plan is for bigger organizations having specific needs like private hosting, additional security, and a fully managed knowledge base, amongst other things. Enterprise plus have a tailored pricing plan based on your requirements. 

Get ready for a Smooth Migration

One of the hassles of switching the documentation tool or knowledge base solution is migration. But automated tools and manual methods in Document360 help migrate material from almost any knowledge base system. 

To ensure that you do not lose any of your SEO traffic, database, and files in the process of migrating, their team offers QA procedures and redirection rules. 

Verdict: Give it a whirl

With Document360 getting favorable reviews year after year, the only thing that’s left for you is to give it a spin by signing up for the free trial.

Backed by experts, recommended by countless writers and authors, and spoken highly of by SaaS companies, this tool is bound to add value to your business. With its refreshing, simple UI coupled with a range of features, you have a powerful knowledge base tool at your disposal.