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Domain Facts And Stats 2021 – A Complete Guide

1 – The following graph gives a detailed view of the New gTLDs registered by the third quarter of 2020 when compared to total TLDs.

As we can infer from the graph the popular 10 ngTLDS forms about 60 percent of the pie chart. This quarter also saw a decrease of 1.5 million domain name registration as compared to the second quarter.

2 – The first website ever was created by Tim Berner Lee, he also created the world’s first web server called CERN HTTPd. Tim is also credited for introducing the world to the world wide web in march of 1989. He also launched the first version of HTML in 1990.

3 – You will never run out of domain extensions to choose from since there are more than 1000 of domain extensions available now. You can have domain names ending with extensions like .cool, .meme, .singles and even .whoswho!

4 – There are more than 362.3 million registered domain names. The number of domain names registered per year is increasing at the pace of 3 percent per year with the increase in demand for digitalization.

5 – With 6,330,341 registered domains .icu is the fastest selling general TLD or gTLD. .xyz, .top and .online are also leading the race of being the biggest selling gTLDS.

6 – The launch years of some of the most recognizable domain names:

  1. (2005)
  2. (2003)
  3. (1998)
  4. (1995)
  5. (1999)
  6. (2010)

7 – According to NameStat, .club, .page, .shop and .store are the fastest growing gTLDs when it comes to domain name registration.

8 – Following are some of the figures which were observed in 2020 with respect to domains:

  1. Alone .com and .net accounted for about 10.9 million new domain registrations in 2020 which is an addition of 1 million domain name registration when compared to 2019.
  2. As compared to the second quarter, 2020 saw a drop of about 4.7 percent of domain name registration in the third quarter(30.2 millions of domain names were registered approximately in this quarter ).
  3. The total country code TLDS performed better than gTLDs as there was an increase of about 0.4 percent of TLDS in the third quarter.
  4. A total of 150.3 million .com registrations have been registered as of 30th September 2020.

9 – The following graph explains how well 2020 has been for domain registration. Since many businesses had to adopt the online model to continue growing, domain name registration saw a boost.

In 2019 the overall domain registration across all TLDS was 370.7 million. Whereas 2020 achieved a feat where about 163.7 million domains were registered having only two extensions .com and .net. This led to an increase of 6.3 million registration in the particular segment.

10 – According to a website hosting company,  2017 was the year when the active website registered crossed the 1 billion mark and as of now we have more than 1.5 billion websites. We can expect the mark to be higher in the upcoming years with many businesses shifting to the online world for better exposure.

The following graph shows the trend in the number of active websites:

We can see how the total number of websites was maximum in 2017 and took a dip in 2018. Here Websites signify unique hostnames.

11 – Apache and Nginx are the open-source web servers constituting more than 50 percent of the websites we see today. In future we can expect Microsoft (another popular open-source web server) to overcome this feat achieved by these web servers.

12 – In 2013 the number of unique domain name registration increased by a third from 630 million to 850 million by the end of the year.

Following are the first 5 domain names ever registered:

  1. (15/03/1985)
  2. (24/04/1985)
  3. (24/051985)
  4. (11/07/1985)
  5. (30/09/1985)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

#1. How Do I Buy A Domain?

You can buy the domain from a web hosting platform like Hostinger, GoDaddy, Bluehost etc or a specific registrar. Based on your preferences and budget you can choose the best plan for you. Make sure that the hosting platform you chose provides you with free SSL certification and 99.99 percentages of Uptime.

#2. How Should I Choose A Domain Name?

Keep the following points in mind while choosing a domain name:

  1. The name should be memorable, easy to pronounce and spell.
  2. Should be relevant to your products, services or content of your website.
  3. Should have the availability on the web.
  4. What is hosting and domain?

The domain is the name given to your website. Hosting is a service provided by the web hosting platform to launch our website or in other words make it available to the internet space.

These hosting platforms have big servers a portion of which is rented out to you so that you can host your website.

Domain names help these servers identify your website. Hence, we can say hosting service providers provide you storage for your website and help you connect it to the internet along with providing additional benefits.

#3. How Does Domain Circle Work?

The lifecycle of a domain name has 6 periods:

  1. Searching for the available domain names
  2. Registering the available domain name on hosting platform
  3. Expiration of the domain name if not renewed
  4. Reclaim grace period if your domain name expires and you want to renew it
  5. Pending delete period after which the domain gets completely deleted
  6. Deleted and active, in this case the domain name you failed to renew id available for others to buy.