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Don’t Overwork: 3 Study Help Websites for Students With Part-Time Jobs

College years tend to be a pretty busy time in one’s life. Adding a part-time job to the mix pushes the workload levels into complete overdrive. But that doesn’t stop motivated students from doing it anyway.

A job can provide a much-needed source of working experience and additional income. These benefits are important enough for students to disregard the challenges associated with this strenuous lifestyle.

If you decide to commit to this double life you’ll need all the help you can get. Luckily, the technology available to us today can provide you with efficient solutions to pretty much any problem.

There are plenty of websites out there that a student could use to prevent overworking and maintain high levels of productivity at the same time. Here are some of the most popular options for you to consider.



The most efficient way to solve as many studying problems as possible is to come up with a universal solution. One that can be reliably applied to a bunch of different issues.

Complex academic help platforms such as fit this description perfectly. Its functionality will cover most of your needs in college. It’s a solid foundation for any decent studying setup.

Studyfy offers a variety of services including editing, proofreading, homework help, writing help, and more. Your academic level doesn’t matter. They will gladly take on any task. The specialists work internationally so you don’t have to worry about varying deadlines either.

The customer support will help you with any issues you might run into along the way. And the pricing is more than fair which is a pretty important factor for many students.


Writing assignments will make up the majority of your workload be it in college or at work. Your choice of major matters very little in that regard. You just can’t get around it. But typing out walls of text is only half the problem.

The real issues start when you have to proofread and edit it all. Services such as Grammarly can be used to simplify this process and save quite a lot of time.

Presentation makes up half of your grade in any assignment. And grammar is one of the first things your professor will notice about your paper. The role it plays in the grading process is very serious regardless of how close you are to graduation.

Grammarly helps you spot and root out all the small mistakes you might have made along the way. It’s quick, efficient, and free. If you’d like something a bit more fancy than a simple grammar checker, there are a couple of pretty useful premium features you could invest into.

A robust algorithm will help you adjust your delivery and the engagement of your style. It will help you make your text as appealing to the reader as possible. It also accounts for the intended audience which makes it a universal tool that can come in handy in virtually any scenario.


Task management is one of the most important things when it comes to dealing with an extensive amount of work. When deadlines mount up so does the associated stress. And once going gets tough it becomes really easy to miss something very important.

Once the realization hits you it might already be too late. Fortunately, there are plenty of really useful tools to help you avoid this problem. They come in all shapes and sizes. The countless task management apps are designed to help you easily create and navigate your working schedule.

Trello is one of the most popular websites\apps available on the market today. While you could certainly try to look for something specific to fit your particular tastes, Trello has won the crowd’s favor due to the way it’s designed:

*Easy on the eyes;


*A free version is available;

*Useful paid features;


*Easy to use.

It is a perfect tool for project management. You can create separate boards for college and work and seamlessly switch between the two on the go. The ability to share access to the boards can also make working on team projects much easier. It also comes in the form of an app so you don’t have to worry about suddenly being cut off from your assignments archive. These will be available to you at any time, in any place.

You can make good use of Trello even with the most basic of knowledge. However, it rewards those who take some time to figure out its full functionality. So with some effort, you could turn a bunch of barebones assignment cards into a real interactive masterpiece. A real treat for perfectionists that want everything to be as neat as humanly possible.

This task manager works just as well for students as it does for businessmen and creators. It puts a lot of effort into making sure the users’ experience is as comfortable as can be. No matter how busy your workload is – this website will help you keep track of every tiny detail of your schedule. It’s an invaluable tool that will stay with you long after you graduate from college.


Final Words

Stress is one of the worst enemies of a modern student. Feeling overworked is far too common of a thing nowadays. It’s fine to feel tired occasionally. But once you get into a perpetual state of exhaustion – that’s where the real trouble begins.

This sort of pressure can cause a whole load of physical and mental problems. The damage might not be immediately apparent but it will make itself known in the form of long-term consequences sooner rather than later.

Monitoring your stress levels is very important. Pace yourself, know when to take a break from your routine. A change of scenery will help you alleviate the pressure and return to your regular schedule.

Don’t hesitate to use all the tools at your disposal to make your life easier. There are plenty of little quality-of-life improvements technology offers us. Make the best of it.