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Door Keeper with Alarm – Heavy Duty Dual Function Security Bar

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Do you want to secure your door from intruders without the hassle of a lock or key? For optimal security against break-ins, the Door Keeper Alarm is here! Guaranteed to keep out even the largest and strongest burglars, this heavy-duty dual function security bar provides an extra layer of safety that locks and keys cannot offer. It is made of 20-gauge steel for sturdy support and robust strength, this powerful device ensures all entryways are safeguarded against forcible attacks. Read more about how you can protect yourself with this innovative security product.

What is a Door Keeper Alarm?

Introducing the ultimate home security accessory. By day, it’s a door jammer that doorstops, persuading even the biggest burglars from trying to forcefully enter. Shortly after dark, it turns into an alarm system, within no time setting off a loud siren & strobe light. Installing this heavy-duty dual-function is quick and painless. In an effort to protect your home and loved ones from harm, give yourself a sense of security and use this security self-defense product. It’s sure to keep unwanted visitors at bay. So go ahead and upgrade your home protection today.

How it Works and Its Features

Safeguard your home against intruders with an indestructible door jammer. Made of 20-gauge steel, this must-have security product ensures that you and everyone in your household are safe from potential dangers or forceful entry attempts by any intruder. Not only is it easy to install on both hinged and sliding, but its reinforced design provides a solid layer of protection around the entire doorway – so no one can get past without permission! Equip yourself with peace of mind, knowing that nothing will penetrate the barrier now surrounding your abode.

Advantages of Having this Alarm Installed in Your Home

  1. Heavy-duty 20 gauge steel construction makes it strong enough to fend off the forceful entry of a potential intruder, providing security and peace of mind.
  2. A loud siren and strobe light activate when the alarm is triggered, deterring would-be burglars in their tracks.
  3. Fits on door jambs of hinged or sliding doors, making it accessible for everyone.
  4. Installs easily with no special tools or knowledge of frame construction required.
  5. Keeps intruders away from your home without the hassle of a lock or key system.

Tips on Enhancing Home Security with this product

Enhance the safety of your home with a doorkeeper alarm ( ). This effective self-protection product is made out of 20-gauge steel and can withstand even the strongest attempts to gain unauthorized access. Investing in this reliable barrier will provide you peace of mind knowing that intruders would not be able to breach any entry points on your property, giving you one less thing to worry about when safeguarding yourself against potential danger.

In conclusion, this essential tool for any homeowner looking to improve their security measures. With its heavy-duty design and 20-gauge steel construction, it provides a reliable barrier against even the toughest burglars. The loud siren and strobe light add an extra layer of protection that makes intruders think twice about trying to break in. By installing this safety essential tool, you can rest assured knowing that your home is safe from potential harm and unwanted visitors. Get yours today! The advantages are endless – so why wait? Upgrade your home security today.