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Download PAZU Netflix Videos to MP4 – Best Netflix Video Downloader

We all know how only Netflix app users are only allowed to download videos to watch the same offline. But that’s not it, the subscribed users can only be able to access the videos for 2 to 7 days. You can only get to watch the respective videos using the respective application.

To resolve this out, Pazu has come up with an interesting tool named Pazu Netflix Video Downloader. Today, I am here to review the same and understand how good this tool is to help the users download the videos from Netflix without any hassle forever.

Pazu Netflix Video Downloader: Synopsis

As stated, Netflix only allows the users who have subscribed to their application to download the videos. The videos can thus be used for a few days. But, this Pazu Netflix Video Downloader allows the users to save the videos in good resolution from the Netflix applications. It not only downloads the videos but also helps you with a lot of attributes. I am going to take a deep look at the features as well and then check with the steps to be followed to get the videos downloaded.

Key Features

Now let’s check with the features the respective tool brings into play. The primary objective of the respective tool is to download different TV shows and movies available in the Netflix application in MKV or MP4 format as per your specific needs. The downloaded media files can be saved in your storage system and can be used as and when you want to. This means you can play the downloaded files without having to use the Netflix application itself.

There are many more features that come with Pazu Netflix Videos Downloader, and below mentioned are a few of them. Check it out:

  • This tool supports all subtitles and audio languages that include English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and more.
  • You can download unlimited videos from the Netflix application, and that too is of the best quality.
  • Another feature that comes with this application is that it allows you to watch the downloaded videos with the assistance of a built-in Netflix web player. So, you don’t require the application for the same.
  • You get to preserve all the subtitles and audio as well with the assistance of the respective application.
  • The downloaded videos can also be kept forever at your convenience.  
  • You can download the videos in different formats like MKV or MP4.
  • The tool is available for both MAC and Windows operating systems.

These features make the respective tool worthwhile. It makes the overall experience of using the tool convincing as you get to watch videos of similar quality as per your desire without having to use the Netflix application. Now let’s take a look at the process that can be followed to use the tool to download the videos.

Free Download Pazu Netflix Video Downloader

Download on Windows

Download on Mac

Steps to Download Netflix Videos in MKV or MP4 With The Use Pazu Downloader

It is very easy to use. Even the person without any technical understanding can use the respective tool without any hassle. The interface of the tool is very much intuitive. As and when you open the same, you get an idea about how to use the same. Below mentioned are the steps that need to be taken to download the videos using the respective tool:

  • At first, you need to download Pazu Netflix Video Downloader. You can do the same from the official website.
  • The tool needs to be installed in your system, whether it is of Windows OS or Mac.
  • Now you just need to copy the movie URL from the Netflix web login and then paste the same in the tool you are using.
  • After the link gets loaded, you will find the button download. As and when you click on the same, you get options like whether to download using which audio and subtitles. You can save the options at your convenience and click on download.
  • It starts downloading, and you can track the progress of the same on the next planet. As and when the download is completed, you can check with the same on the history tab. There you can find all the downloaded videos.
  • If you would like to change any of the default settings, you can click on the gear icon above. From there itself, you can change the video format, resolution, audio, and subtitle as well.


You can get this PAZU Netflix Video downloader for free on your system for the trial run. But, this is only for a limited period and that too with locked facilities. If you like it, you can purchase the full version of it by choosing one of the three plans:

  • 16.97 USD for 1 month
  • 59.96 USD for 1 year
  • 129.90 USD for a lifetime.

All plans come with 30 days money-back guaranteed attribute as well.


All in all Pazu Netflix application is worth a use. You can easily now watch your favorite Netflix movies or shows at your convenience and that too without missing out on any of the features. How good is that?! Get it installed right away!